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  1. You only said this to get trump supporters approval.  Dont be that guy. 
  2. That is a giving man! Happy for everyone and rest in peace to the lost carolina family members. This made my day. Way to go JR. 
  3. Brenton Bersin continues to impress

    People act like this dude is a stud. He is taking up a roster spot for someone who has more tools and more talent.  He  wouldnt make 95% of teams rosters today. He can't get separation and he doesn't have speed. He is a great story to tell and he wont be missed. He doesnt even play special teams anymore, because his IQ couldnt handle when to leave a ball to bounce or slide after it like he is in a baseball game. 
  4. Brenton Bersin continues to impress

    He is decent but he does NOT need to be active during games. We know what he is already. He will just get slower with each season and he cant muscle anyone off the ball. He is the avg joe's superhero 
  5. Hardy 911 call

    These chicks love to throw men under the jail... wow 
  6. what happened to your swag?????????????????????????????????????

  7. Merry Christmas

  8. I dont know who that young lady is in your avy. But she's looking right!