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  1. anyway this girl is fat ive kicked better looking chicks out of bed stay pleb losers
  2. unless you're dating an nfl cheerleader like i am #fugingthenemy
  3. obsession with cheerleaders is really fuging weird
  4. maybe if the Panthers had a more....traditional....qb, he would have thrown a softer, more easily caught ball #notracistjustasking
  5. $cam newton unable to seal the deal in the red zone again, throws it off Steve Smith's hands too hard.
  6. Panthers Begin Head Coach Search?

    just hesitate to immediately assume this is just to "put the pressure on" or some other equally simple narrative. For every problem there is an obvious, easy to understand, simple answer...and it's wrong.
  7. Panthers Begin Head Coach Search?

    does he know that? Like, would you say for 100% certain Rivera is that self aware? Because I'm not sure.
  8. Panthers Begin Head Coach Search?

    He can't deny it. That's tantamount to the dreaded vote of confidence. He can't ignore it. He'll look weak. He has to own it. If the Panthers lose today, Rivera has to go. If he doesn't, he has to keep making leaks. He has to be the motherfuger
  9. Panthers Begin Head Coach Search?

    Alright kiddies, sit around, I will now explain to you what's going on, or at least give you the two most likely options and flesh them out. Gettleman chose not to fire Rivera, probably at the suggestion of Ernie Accorsi who was shadowing the franchise last year and getting a feel for everything. Every single Charlotte Observer article by Joe Person (the most company of men) went out of its way to mention how Rivera has "learned his lessons" as a head coach, or has "matured" as a head coach, or is now better at managing things from a HC position. It was very obvious. The Panthers are very good at controlling the local narrative, and it's pretty clear to me what they wanted to get out there. Gettleman thinks Rivera is a good coach who just needed to get out of his own way. I think most of us would agree that over his first 2 years and change, Rivera is about one decision a game away from being a pretty good coach. It's just that whenever the moment comes, he fugs it up. Every. Single. Time. First two games of the season? the moment came in both. He fuged it up both times. He's learned nothing. He only went for it on fourth down last week because he thought it was first. He doesn't understand risk and leverage, to say nothing of other things, but I want to keep this relatively short. YOUR TWO OPTIONS FOR WHAT THIS MEANS A.) This legit leaked and they're getting their ducks in a row. Doesn't make any sense at all. If they were talking to a candidate, or had someone in mind, it'd have to be someone who is currently unemployed. B.) They're trying to light a fire under his ass. Actually, after typing this I have no fuging idea. This is weird.
  10. Panthers Begin Head Coach Search?

    @RapSheet: Sources: #Panthers have begun laying groundwork for a possible coaching search, doing background checks on candidates. 1 candidate knows. Subtle, gettleman.
  11. Awwwww this is so stupid and cute. Babbys first attempt at posting on the internet.
  12. Actually no you can't. Actually there are numerous websites that will let you sort by whatever stat you want!
  13. Half of his runs went for fewer than 2.5 yards against the giants. He doesn't have any burst left, and his total yards are a product not of a high ypc but an unsustainable number of touches. I'm gonna do a thread about it when I have time but his first three games are gold dust.