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  1. y'all are a real depressive group. For fugs sake.
  2. 34-9 Vikings. Vikings have 6 sacks and 4 take aways.
  3. unless Shula isn't calling plays, don't see this Panthers offense scoring a single touchdown against the Vikings.
  4. heck no on getting dez, team needs speed.
  5. Flynn charged with one count of making false statement

    Kushner and Mike Pence are the next two names on the docket for Mueller.
  6. Flynn charged with one count of making false statement

    with as much stuff as they have on Flynn plus the fact we know he accepted a plea, then yea he has dirt on Trump. only way he gets that good of a plea deal.
  7. Flynn charged with one count of making false statement

    Mueller gonna get fired by Trump if he (Trump) plays this like everyone thinks he will. All that does is incriminate himself. That's a huge flip for the investigation though.
  8. it's the only thing that makes sense because they would have talked to coaches, teachers, team mates, parents, friends, police involved on that case...ext.ext.ext teams do tons of research on players, FBI type of background checks and research. very expensive, extensive.
  9. oh they had to have known most of that mess, they do such extensive back ground checks on college players now it's ridiculous. I hate to say but fiz is probably right in that they took a calculated risk that they could control him to some degree and he wouldn't go and kill someone else. I mean when it gets close to figuring out who you're going to draft, especially in the first round you have months of research, back ground checks, interviews and so forth compiled on those players.
  10. That 95 team was wtf bad.
  11. hey I noted that I think nearly 90 points will be scored in this game. 50-38 or something like that.
  12. payback 50-31, 599 yards of offense. CMC, Cam and company run for over 300 yards with 4 rush tds.
  13. Over the last 9 games, he's gotten 155 touches or an average of 17 per game on offense. On those 155 touches he's generated 677 yards from scrimmage or an average of 4.37 per touch with 4 touchdowns. Christian during that same span has gotten 105 touches or an average of 11.66 touches per game. On those touches he's generated 607 yards from scrimmage or an average of 5.78 per touch with 5 touchdowns. Now you might say, that's just cause CMC catches more passes.... ok.. let's look at rushing totals from those games. Mixon 133 rushes 439 yards, 4 rushing TDs 3.30 ypc average. CMC 55 rushes, 211 yards, 2 rushing TDs. 3.83 ypc average. hmmmm....
  14. History says the Panthers win at least 2-3 of those games even as a bad team. A good Panthers team wins 4 or 5 of those games. So put me down for 12-4 or 13-3.
  15. The Benching of Monk if very frustrating

    Monk doesn't really do anything else but scoring so if his shot is off and he's taking bad shots all your left with is bad defense... Bacon is playing still because of defense... they play for a defensive minded coach so playing defense is a must..
  16. He got Head coach interviews as a position coach. With how well the defense is doing and the fact teams thought he was ready as a position coach, I'd be surprised if he doesn't get quite a few interview opportunities.
  17. Didn't have much choice with the way Taylor has been playing. Actually think it works out for them and he plays well.
  18. Takeaways from MNF

    scored two touchdowns, key block on the screen play touchdown to Funchess. He's a huge part of the offense and why it works. you're just either blind, ignorant or don't do football well. dunno which. shrugs.... w.e.
  19. expect to see a lot of McCaffrey tonight, I'm thinking 15 rushes and 5-6 catches. Should be a focal point for the offense moving forward for better or worse.
  20. same play call on both those deep shots, last one was on Adams for bitting on the first move at the sticks.
  21. Bench Stewart for the rest of the year, he's slow and can t hang onto the ball.
  22. 47-17 won't say which way, might jinx it. lol
  23. The weekly guess the first play thread

    Deep incomplete pass to Samuel followed by a run off tackle to CMC for 55 yards, he's tripped from behind by the fingertip of a corner back.
  24. KB is gone, Trai is out. So more speed on the field, expect some deep shots early and the run game to work but it won't be because KB is gone but many will attribute it to that.
  25. Great moments in bad timing

    At least we know that the first round pick will be really good. That was a crapshoot with Gettleman.