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  1. Cmac is tied for 5th In the league in catches, 35th in rec yards, he has a total of 397 yards from scrimmage through 6 games as a rookie. Give him some time and he'll start breaking plays open for big gains.
  2. Not Shula. Not Rivera's fault.

    Well, you don't break off a seam route against cover 0 like KB did, it's his job as a WR on those deep option routes to recognize the coverage and run the correct route for that particular coverage. What KB did isn't what a WR does against that coverage.
  3. Not Shula. Not Rivera's fault.

    The last one, Kb ran the wrong route, it was a seem route be broke off early, if he stays the route he's in position to make that catch it knock it down at least. Most throws are to where the WR is supposed to be, KB wasn't where he was supposed to be at.
  4. Shula needs to be fired tonight
  5. TD to McCaffrey on a wheel route.
  6. actually that's the WR fault, Tony Romo is right. Shitty play call but wr has to drive it inside
  7. shula should be fired for that
  8. no check downs, all deep routes...what kind of play call were those last two calls. wtf
  9. That's more passing yards and touchdowns then Kurt Warner, Steve Young or Troy Aikman.
  10. Easily statistically, to say other wise is laughable. 4th all time in QB rating at 97.1, 29th in passing yards. 30 comeback wins, 25 4th quarter wins(15th all time), 6th in career completion %, 5th all time in AYPA. Leads the cowboys in pretty much every major statistic for QBs as well.
  11. cmc still doing nothing lol

    The rushing ypc looks bad, but they use him a bunch as a decoy. It's why he's been getting so many snaps, plus teams have actually been focusing on him and double teaming him.
  12. https://www.forbes.com/sites/danalexander/2017/06/06/how-donald-trump-shifted-kids-cancer-charity-money-into-his-business/?c=0&s=trending#74cdd8e31365 https://www.forbes.com/sites/danalexander/2017/02/09/where-did-trumps-foundation-donate-its-money-irs-documents-reveal-surprising-answers/?c=10&s=trending#57116beb1365 http://ftw.usatoday.com/2017/08/colin-kaepernick-nfl-national-anthem-protest-one-million-dollar-pledge-donations-empower-communities http://kaepernick7.com/million-dollar-pledge/ Just saying...
  13. Hell if I know, but I'll try. As far as to what they are seeking, it's equality. For them to feel As equals to white Americans. Safer, equal pay, less unwarranted hate crimes and police violence. I think they blame the government and partly those who voted for Trump because of his hate speech rhetoric during the election cycle but it started well before that. As far as the solution goes, I'm beginning to think that would be Trump out of office and more protections and rights for Gays, equal pay for women, less police brutality / better training for police. African Americans and Jews are facing a bunch of hate crimes right now, makes up something like 40% of hate crimes if I remember the statistics correctly. So them feeling safer in their communities from unwarranted hate crimes and police violence would be a start I guess.
  14. Many regular citizens feel as though that the current president and his speeches have made this a race issue and don't feel as if the flag represents them anymore with him in office. Add to it all the police shootings and everything else going on and you get these type of issues going on. Not that I agree or disagree with the way they are protesting, but that's the feelings from what I gather.
  15. Not going to be just about football till everyone feels that justice has been served to those that deserve it and all Americans are treated equally. That's what this is all about, not going to end till those in office agree on equality meaning something in America and the flag actually represents what it's supposed too. With as many groups in this country so set on getting thier way even if it means through violence and blood shed, this likely isn't going to do anything but get much much worse in the immediate future.
  16. Rivera, imo completely lost the locker room when he told the players not to protest. Don't think he can get it back either.
  17. this goes in, game over
  18. Got to score quickly and get a quick stop, then eat the clock and score the TD to tie the game to put it into OT. Defense has to play lights out though the rest of the way.
  19. WTF was bradberry even doing on that play.....
  20. CMC is the entire offense. lol
  21. Still a big catch by CMC
  22. have to get 7 here to have a chance
  23. long developing routes, cam holds, sack.