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  1. I finally did it

    i did stints like that for the last five years and looking back i realize i didn't have a life
  2. Should Dex be banned?

    northerners hate me too :( but then i am from maryland so i guess it was predestined
  3. Should Dex be banned?

    good point, if we ban him it has to be for michelob ultra
  4. Should Dex be banned?

    sweet tea? meh. sweet tea mixed with lemonade? legit. iced tea? meh. lipton iced tea mix with an extra scoop? also legit.
  5. yall should go to southeast asia and see kids texting while driving motorbikes in and out of madhouse traffic
  6. i just made up the olaf part. but yeah it's definitely a coming-out metaphor
  7. no the freeze magic that makes elsa (who has no interest in men according to the movie) different is just a proxy for being gay and rejected. arendel is the unaccepting community, elsa flees to become her true self. olaf is also gay, notice all the thrusting carrot fixations
  8. that whole movie is about homosexuality just fyi
  9. i'd spring for tickets in a heartbeat knowing i could just drive down
  10. also if anyone has hookups with army-navy surplus outlets hmu, i'm gonna be in the market for a shitload of gear in the next couple months... roughly 30 sets of vietnam-era army BDUs and helmet covers mostly, plus harnesses, pouches, and canteens. and M60 bandoleers but that's probably a long shot.
  11. lmao i just imagine the glazers being like hey dirk what've you been doing the whole offseason and he goes uhhh oh poo oh poo *goes to* HEY GUYS check this poo out!
  12. Carolina Panthers Using Fricken Lasers....

    you just had this saved for the perfect laser/panther/charlotte combo thread didn't you
  13. i could definitely use cane breaks though, at least for one small scene, so if anybody knows of convincing enough spots locally that would be useful. i know there are a lot in north carolina