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  1. 89 Panther 4 Life! Bottom Line

    Yeah, he sure wasn't giving it his all when he played through a leg injury in the Niners divisional round game and caught a TD. 
  2. What would it take for Rivera and McDermott to put in Young?

    You can't put all 110 yards and two TDs on McClain. At least 20 yards and one TD was on Norman misplaying that ball in the end zone.  Finnegan is the concern, especially with Fitzgerald in the slot.  
  3. I'm not questioning the coaches' decisions. I'm questioning the theory that we're a different team with them out there. The difference has been marginal at best. 
  4. Is that even arguable? They've been non-existent. 
  5. NFC Playoffs - Seahawks at Vikings

    The most recent one wasn't illegal...
  6. AFC Wild Card games thread

    Wait, Jordan Todman is backing up Fitzgerald Toussaint? Back in August he was a sure-fire pro bowler. 
  7. The Panthers have the most ACL Tears of any team.

    Yeah this can't be right. 
  8. End of season Shula crow

    Who's to say Cam didn't call his own number there? It's impossible to know, so I'll lean toward giving Shula the benefit of the doubt.
  9. Chip Kelly fired

    Eagles offense was very good the past two seasons, so I wouldn't give yourself too much credit there. He made Nick Foles look like a pro bowler a couple years back, which looks more miraculous by the day. Chip Kelly did himself in as a GM, not a coach. 
  10. Dave Gettleman: "We need more speed on the field"

    Who from the list below is a "franchise wide receiver?" A. Pierre Garçon B. Danny Amendola C. Stefon Diggs D. Mike Wallace E. None of the above   Answer: E. None of the above    
  11. Dave Gettleman: "We need more speed on the field"

    KB was asked to step into the #1 WR role as a rookie, and he was a force from day one. Do you understand how remarkable that is? You seem to have a short memory.  
  12. Calm down you cotton headed ninny muggins

    Ah, yes. The "bat" saga has totally ruined our defense. If true, we deserve to lose out. 
  13. This is not the 2013 defense, that's for sure. The offense has been masking a lot of issues.   Front four been generating very little pressure in passing situations and the and run D continues to be an issue for whatever reason. Seems like almost all of our sacks are the result of blitzes or good coverage. 
  14. Bene broke his ankle for sure.. dammit

    We only had so many corners to throw out there. Someone had to play. 
  15. "[Matt Ryan] doesn't have many weapons"

    Yeah this undermines the entire argument.