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  1. Cromartie in Charlotte....

    That might happen. The "real tea" might be hard to swallow. Can we just settle on the fact I wouldn't be flying a Steeler flag on game day?
  2. Cromartie in Charlotte....

    If it helps, I'm also a good yankee (the kind that visits for Panthers football games, spends money, then heads his yankee ass back north).
  3. Cromartie in Charlotte....

    I like the iced tea lemonade mix. Sweet tea is definitely gross though.
  4. I know right? You would think EA would have been able to make a game better than 2K5 by now. Maybe in another 10 years they can take the title of best football game.
  5. way to early 2016 prediction thread

    New Orleans at home is TNF not SNF.
  6. Panthers going to the next 3 super bowls and having a 3-1 super bowl record for their 4 super bowl stretch would be a shirt I'll buy. Make it happen NFL.
  7. Pro Football Focus free agent grades

    I'm trying to figure out how Brandon Browner was a key loss for the Saints. Key loss as in improvement through subtraction?
  8. In 2016: For $60 mil the Saints are paying forDrew Brees and dead cap space. For little under $60 mil the Panthers are paying for Cam Newton, Josh Norman, Ryan Kalil, Thomas davis, Luke Kuechly, Kwann Short, and Kony Ealy according to overthecap.
  9. Tom Clancy's The Division video game

    I got Alex. Headshot.
  10. I still haven't watched the whole game the first time. Way too much beer. Nerves before the game even started. I'm good never seeing it.
  11. Yankees say don't be like Cam Newton

    Cam should do that next year. Just to fug with the media. Monotone voice, cliche answers, and no emotions. Give the leeches nothing to write.
  12. Another locker room cancer thankfully gone. Bye bitch.
  13. Deadpool

    Loved it. Even my wife was laughing her ass off. Great timing too. First smile this week considering the shitty start.
  14. What Broncos Fans Are Saying

    "If we play our best and they play their best, we would win" Cam was right then and he will be right next season. Broncos board is that way. You get no respect for signing up after a game to talk smack here when you had no balls to talk it before the game.