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  1. Be as young and athletic as you want, Ebron's problem has always been his hands. You're not replacing Olsen if you don't catch the damn ball.
  2. Every Lions fan I've ever encountered hates Ebron. I'll go with Willson.
  3. NFL investigation of JR

    well if he's then able to back out of the sale... we won't win a super bowl for the foreseeable future
  4. i'd cry tears of joy if we got ridley but he's probably a top 15 pick
  5. This is pretty unrealistic. Marqise Lee and Allen Robinson aren't going to be cheap. Ansah is going to command an enormous contract. Dumb.
  6. Calvin Ridley will be a #1. And will be gone way before pick 24. Dunno about other guys. I hope we target someone like Taylor Gabriel to help out Funch, Samuel, and Byrd. Not a lot of cash if we wanna keep Norwell/Star. First round pick should probably be the best offensive skill position player available unless we really fall in love with a DB (Joshua Jackson) or DE (Sam Hubbard?).
  7. maybe he should have offered a foot massage to mister god JR is a fuging douchebag
  8. i would never wear a shirt with comic sans
  9. Yikes

    Does anyone who watches the games actually think Bradberry and Worley are two of the worst corners in the NFL?
  10. Been a Panthers fan my whole life. Still interested in seeing how the Giants and Bills do with our staff that built the competitive team we have today. I otherwise have no connection to either team. Also, as a Panthers fan, I think Jerry Richardson is a massive ***** and that Marty Hurney is going to doom us.
  11. same. but given that there are at least four people out there making these allegations, i have little reason to doubt them. i find it hard to believe that this group is conspiring against JR. the workplace should be safe for women and people of color. anything that gets the panthers closer to that is fine with me. begins with the sale of the team and the condemnation of what JR did - not supporting and cheering him on.
  12. Because Todd Gurley has 2,000+ yards and 19 TDs in one of the biggest offensive turnarounds in NFL history.
  13. "mr. richardson.... is a racist predator!" this makes me facepalm big time. i hope these guys ALL backpedal once the investigation is over and shows what scum he is.
  14. We have the second hardest SOS in the league behind the Saints. We're at .575 while the Saints are at .580. Fun fact: The Titans have the easiest schedule with an SOS of .397, which is pathetically low.
  15. As I mentioned it is based on a formula. Said formula uses strength of schedule and point differential to determine who is the best. The teams above us regularly blow teams out and avoid getting their asses kicked. The Panthers only have three blowout wins. And we've gotten the poo beat out of us three times this season. These aren't my actual subjective rankings. I wouldn't have the Nick Foles-led Eagles up top, obviously. I just wanted to post this somewhere, really. Although your reasoning behind your power rankings are pretty awful. However, I am not going to bother countering any of them. For what it's worth, you're complaining about teams having easy schedules or whatever - the Steelers and Patriots actually are both in the top ten toughest schedules (along with us who are in second only behind the Saints - Vikings, Rams, and Falcons are also in the top ten). Meanwhile the Jaguars have the second easiest, only ahead of the Titans.