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  1. peyton manning sexually assaulted a woman in college totally what we need in a minority owner
  2. We've been running a Norv Turner-esque offense for the past seven years...
  3. Norv has so much knowledge that he was unemployed last season. And his disciple, Chudzinski, is running a trash offense in Indy. And *his* disciple, Mike Shula, did jack for us the past two years. Time to move on from Norv and find something else. It isn't working. We've had a top ten offense what, twice in seven years with Cam? Maybe three times?
  4. Tampa did a good job of trying to rebuild their defensive identity. They had no defense last season. JPP isn't what he used to be but he's still good, as is Vinny Curry. Vita Vea is a monster NT. They added Carlton Davis who is a big corner and MJ Stewart to be a nickel guy. Then on offense they got Ronald Jones to be their new feature back and a mean guard albeit from a smaller school. Clearly they're trying to be a more physical team. Of course a lot of this is the draft and that won't all necessarily mean there's an immediate impact. There seems to be more of a method to their free agency than usual when they just spent a shitload of money on the biggest names available. If the defense gels despite all the changes, I think they'll be pretty competitive. Falcons did well getting a big corner in Isaiah Oliver and adding someone to compliment Julio and Sanu. That's a terrifying WR corps. Also got a fat NT in Deadrin Senat. Didn't do much in FA since they had no money. Only player of note they lost was Poe and... Taylor Gabriel I guess. They also added an elite special teamer in the draft via Russell Gage. I expect that they will be getting 9+ wins again. Saints draft seems kinda bad. Davenport could turn into something special. They didn't lose anyone either. If their secondary continues its good play I don't see any reason why they wouldn't be back in the playoff hunt and getting 9+ wins. We fired a top five GM, lost a top five guard, lost our power back, and a safety. None of them have been replaced with new players except for maybe Gaulden taking over for Coleman. Also losing TD for four games. We made a lateral move, maybe a small improvement with Poe over Star. DJ Moore is a good pick. Ian Thomas can be our TE2 right away. We know for pretty much a fact that we are losing TD, Kalil, and Peppers at the end of this season and have done little to replace them. We're in the middle of transitioning ownership. We hired an OC who has an archaic offense full of seven step drops instead of someone younger who knows how to handle dynamic talents like a running QB, players with enormous positional flexibility like CMC and Samuel, etc. I think we're in terrible shape. If we didn't have Cam and Luke I'd say we're fuged. But we do have Cam and Luke, and that's why we have a good chance to win every game. All we have to do is weather this one season of Hurney and the sale and hopefully we will be in smoother waters and in the hands of people who know what the fug they're doing...
  5. i... don't think i ever said we're not in good shape or that we are worse than them. i said to not underestimate rivals on the road. and i don't know what basis you have to say we'd win if stew were playing in ATL. furthermore, players are just as likely to get hurt early in the season as they are later in the year. i mean drew brees got hurt in the first month which allowed us to face luke mccown, who almost beat us... in charlotte... imagine what would have happened if they had brees. who, btw, people continuously say is "done" and yet he still plays well every year. basically you are reinforcing my original point of people underestimating the saints and falcons on the road.
  6. you appear to be seriously understimating our divisional rivals on the road. i mean... this year we lost to atlanta. and were losing to new orleans with 45 seconds left in the game. the toughest stretch of the season is by far the first 6 weeks with three division games (two on the road against the better teams), denver, and minnesota. think 10-6 is the floor but i'm probably predicting 12-4.
  7. i mean, g-man said the pick last year was between shaq and dj humphries... i don't think he is making a conscious decision to go back and forth. a neat tidbit but not a philosophy or basis for a prediction imo. i think g-man goes best value available (no one actually picks BPA). which he did with shaq, who wasn't a need...
  8. Corners: Tillman is probably retiring. Same with Finnegan. I doubt Norman stays past 2016. Benwikere appears to be good. McClain I don't think provides much potential. Need to find some corners to bring in. Gettleman hasn't appeared to have had any issues with rebuilding the secondary each year so not a huge worry imo. Wouldn't mind drafting someone though... OTs: We need at least new one OT. I figure that will wind up being Williams replacing Remmers. But would be nice to find a franchise LT and then Oher is pushed to RT to compete with Williams. DLine: Dwan Edwards is aging. Jared Allen is done. Alexander is done. We might not even be able to afford both KK and Star. CJ is getting expensive and coming off his least effective season. Addison is situational and I dunno about Love being a starter. Need to go after DLmen. Thankfully this draft class is hella deep and the FA pool is solid as well.
  9. update: jones and voth both rt'd. am now being forced to explain cubism to panther fans on twitter.
  10. so far i've only had j jones and joe human respond kalil, harper, olsen, gano, riverboat, voth, gannt, and the panthers official twitter have yet to notice it
  11. honestly we should begin a campaign to have these, or at least out of luck, hung in the hall of fame how do we do this
  12. this is one of the best things ive ever seen
  13. Zithers

    Rival Review - Atlanta Falcons

    lol @ the homers voting no dumping mike smith was enough to improve them, regardless of the roster
  14. Zithers


    totally bro great thread thanks for listing some potential signings v insightful youre the best
  15. i feel like the least an officer could do to protect the citizens of baltimore is to, like, not leave them to die in the back of a police van. you could handcuff him to the gurney or something as he is rushed to a hospital, right? no? is that too complicated? does it make too much sense?