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  1. Slot WR?

    I guess even morons need you and your voices should go off into the wilderness and be happy with each other.
  2. Slot WR?

    Dude, there are medications that you could (and should) take for those voices in your head. They are NOT your friends.
  3. Arian Foster?

    Damn....spellcheck on this phone sucks and my fingers are too damn big for this keyboard. But is better than some of the words I come up with at times.
  4. Arian Foster?

    The OP is basically a mildly retarted PU.
  5. Brandon Boykin to visit Falcons

    There is nothing in what he said that infers what you posted. He said that he needs TC and guys in pads to fully assess the rookie cb's....nothing about him not being part of the decision on Norman. This is an indictment on Boykin...they really either loved what they saw in the rookies or really don't like what the saw in Boykin.
  6. Carson Palmer wants some

    This not really about anything creeping up on Palmer. He did what he has done his ENTIRE career. He choked in the big game when the pressure was on.....dude can't hack the heat of the playoffs. And, he never has been able to.
  7. Carson Palmer wants some

    Hey Carson.....want some.....come get some
  8. Falcons training with Navy Seals

    It is not even that they are trying is that they have tried something similar to this every offseason for years. Yet, they still play like a Powderpuff Football Team.
  9. We are not talking about middle school or high school kids....we are not even talking about a true athletic competition. We are talking about a school field day for 4 year olds. The intent of that day is NOT the competition, but just to go out and have fun. If you think giving a ribbon to a 4 yo for participating in this is wrong and is "creating a monster", I really question whether you should be teaching kids at all.
  10. Panthers sign two draft picks

    No go Doc...I have zero Alts on here
  11. Woman shames man for using Food Stamps...

    I know that you aspire for middle management....I blew past that level about a decade ago. And it is NOT luck. It is education and hard work. Again...if you are older than 18 and have developed ZERO marketable skills, then YOU failed....not everyone failed you. Public education, trade schools, community college, on-line courses, low income grants....they are all out there for people. Those that CHOOSE to do nothing and not take advantage of any of them only have themselves to blame when minimum wage jobs is all they are qualified for.
  12. Woman shames man for using Food Stamps...

    That is only because those employees have developed zero marketable skills in their time on this earth. With public education and low income grants for college/trade schools, anyone working in Wal-Mart really has no one but then selves to blame.
  13. He should pull a Willie Mays Hayes
  14. Or even during the draft.....after the pick was in. You have to remember that players, coaches, GM's, etc are very good friends with many on other teams. Unlike fans, they don't hate each other. I think people would be surprised at exactly how much they talk to each other.