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  1. He should pull a Willie Mays Hayes
  2. Or even during the draft.....after the pick was in. You have to remember that players, coaches, GM's, etc are very good friends with many on other teams. Unlike fans, they don't hate each other. I think people would be surprised at exactly how much they talk to each other.
  3. Gettleman: We drafted a pass rusher

    I think you are wrong on that assertion. DE's are at a huge disadvantage when the QB can step up in the pocket. Many experts have said that a inside push is what makes a DL special.
  4. After the fact, yes....I can believe they text. The guys in the front offices of the NFL are a close bunch. They talk all the time.
  5. SF 49'er safety Jaquiski Tartt

    So, now where are all of the Huddle idiots screaming that this guy was a 6-7th round prospect (or even UDFA) and that Gettleman has lost his mind.
  6. Can't be......several huddlers told me that he was a 6th round guy or maybe even UDFA
  7. Will HB2 ever get repealed?

    Except that you are truly not understanding that cities ONLY have the rights that States afford them.....that is not the same when you are talking about Fed and State rights.
  8. Will HB2 ever get repealed?

    I actually called a friend of mine who is an attorney in DC (his specialty is wrongful termination and discrimination suits). I asked him his thoughts on the merit of the Fed Gov't threat. He said that he hopes it is repealed as he is opposed to HB2 philosophically. But, he would attempt to give me his impartial opinion on the law. He said that in his opinion, there were many aspects of HB2 that definitely seem to fly in the face of the federal discrimination law (the portions around employment, etc). These were very clear to him. However, he did say that the bathroom/locker room verbarge was not as clear cut. In his opinion the Fed Gov't was taking a very liberal interpretation and application of the anti-discrimination law. I asked him that if it went to court, what would his prediction be. He said that he believed that there would be a high chance the Fed would win on everything except the bathroom verbage. On that, he said that he would give the Fed a less than 50% chance of winning. But, when it comes to very sensitive matters such as the one that we are dealing with, the outcomes are pretty unpredictable.
  9. Carolina Panthers UDFA Roster Paths

    I have to say, it would be awesome to see Hill finally put if all together. That combo of size and speed is nasty.
  10. Sitting by the pool for 2 hours watching my 11 yo son at swim practice....what do you think. So, yes I am.
  11. Clicked on the thread expecting a story about Steve Smith wanting to buy the Panthers.
  12. Garrett > Rico Wallace?

    Rico Suave
  13. Carolina Panthers UDFA Roster Paths

    I think Brown is in pretty good shape for a roster spot. But, I think it is far from safe. If either Hill or Garrett have a good camp, I think they get the spot. With size anecdotes, they both have a lot more upside than Brown.
  14. A Funchess Reminder

    You can do better than that...oh wait, you can't. Carry on Corky.
  15. A Funchess Reminder

    Go back to playing Madden. My 11 yo son and 16 yo daughter knows more about football than your dumb ass. Now go slap both of your parents for raising a complete moron and tool.