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  1. Carolina Panthers OTA Notes and Photos

    Benji Funch Brown Hill Garrett Byrd
  2. Carolina Panthers OTA Notes and Photos

    My issue with the WRs is Ginn. I love the chemistry between he and Cam, and there's no doubt that he came up big for us last year without KB. However, after 2016, do we really retain a 32-year old veteran, when there's a 25-year old Philly Brown sitting there? I believe Ginn will be here this year, but he's also taking a roster slot from one of the potential youngsters. If Hill and Norwood continue to push, we need to hold onto them. What about Byrd? Garrett? It's crazy how loaded we are and that's why I truly hope we keep 6 on the roster this year. After this season it gets easier when Ginn leaves. KB-Funch-Brown, and then two of Byrd, Garrett, Hill, and Norwood.
  3. Instead of Dickson, would we ever see Funch in place of Dickson perhaps? I love Funchess' flexibility to lineup all over the field, especially with his frame. Dickson was a bum for us last year, sans a couple of plays, so why not replace him with a former TE/WR hybrid in that formation, but with more potential. Dickson: 6'4" 255 Funchess: 6'5" 225 Sandland would be great in a couple of years, but I don't think he sniffs the field in '16. I really like Marcus Lucas or Simonson currently over Sandland, but could def see Sandland in a year or two taking over.
  4. Selecting the 2016 Panthers Wide Receivers

    I know my thoughts don't amount to a helluva lot, but IMO, if we assume: LOCKS: KB, Funchess Then I would put Ginn, Brown and Garrett as my next 3. I really also want Hill or Byrd in that group though, so then, for me, it comes down to Joe Webb's roster spot. If the return game is pretty much fading out of the league, then why am I keeping a 3rd string QB on the roster that is no better at WR than Hill, Norwood or Byrd. I'd prefer to keep 6 WRs and let Webb go. I know this is side-stepping/recreating the OP question, but I'm trying to figure out how, when we are on the verge of a few years of SB runs, that Webb is guaranteed a spot? Why not cut Webb, and roll 6 deep at WR. Teams with a tier 1 elite level QB have been known to only have 2 QBs on the roster. DA is as good of a backup as there is, so why not go with this: WRs: KB - Funch - Ginn - Brown - Garrett - Hill/Byrd Cut: Joe Webb EDIT: Just an FYI on Webb's 2015 stats (29 years old) : 1 rush / -1 yards 0 receptions / 0 yards 8 returns / 178 yards
  5. Wow, first Fowler in '15, and now Ramsey in '16.
  6. I can't speak for anyone else, but for me, I like Boston as a rotational guy. As a starting calibre safety that we are to rely on for 16 games as Coleman's partner-in-crime, I'm hesitant. That's not to say Boston can't be 'that guy', but as of now, he hasn't been consistent enough for me. IMO, he's somewhere between Godfrey and Mitchell. Not as bad as Godfrey's bad times, but not as consistently good as Mitchell's. I too think we add a vet that gets let go this summer. Nothing appeals to me on the FA market currently, but I could see a camp casualty or two that DG goes after. I think he would prefer another vet presence on that backend to help the youngsters in front of them. Marlowe is a guy I'd like to see more of and could be talented enough to stick, but haven't seen enough of him yet.
  7. Would a Tennessee Titans RB > Fozzy/CAP/Wegher

    Yeah, Cobb was the only one that I would have interest in, but I think he is the one that remains there. Sankey is looking more and more like he is the odd one out and I don't think he offers much if any upgrade to CAP.
  8. Would a Tennessee Titans RB > Fozzy/CAP/Wegher

    He's that good!!
  9. Was watching NFLN this morning and with the crowded backfield in TN, there's a good chance there might be some fat trimmed. With JStew as the starter in '16, but an unknown future on the horizon, would you feel confident in signing one of the young backs if they were released? Would they be an upgrade over the trio of Fozzy/CAP/Wegher? Antonio Andrews - UDFA (2014) - 23 years old - 5'10" 225lbs. 2015 stats: 143 rushes - 520 yds - 3 TD David Cobb - 5th Round (2015) - 22 years old - 5'11" 229lbs 2015 stats (rookie): 52 rushes - 146 yds - 1 TD Bishop Sankey - 2nd round (2014) - 23 yrs old - 5'10" 209lbs. 2014 stats: 152 rushes - 569 yds - 2TD 2015 stats: 47 rushes - 193 yds. - 1TD
  10. Trai Turner hires new representation...

    Two things.... Agree with Tantric about Kalil possibly being the 'odd man out' on that line sooner, rather than later. Nobody wants to lose Kalil, but he may face the inevitable business end of the NFL front office. He could extend/restructure/pay cut to stay though, so its not a foregone conclusion that he's on the way out. This could also be another wrinkle to us drafting Vernon Butler. I think KK is a no-brainer for us to extend, but maybe if it comes down to Star vs. Turner, DG could be faced with a tough decision... Especially if Star continues to miss time due to injury concerns. Would Gettleman prefer a trio of KK, Butler and Turner, or KK, Star, Butler, while losing out on Turner? Drafting Butler is insurance if there's a push between Star and Turner, and DG can only keep 1.
  11. ICYMI: Rookie Jersey Numbers

    I did too! Got the soundtrack for Christmas that year..... on cassette. #oldschool
  12. Panthers list Jeremy Cash as linebacker.

    So Gettleman is so future, that he envisions a LB corps of Cash-Luke-Shaq?
  13. ICYMI: Rookie Jersey Numbers

    So, when do KG, Ca$h and the UDFAs get theirs - I assume by rookie mini camp
  14. Panthers list Jeremy Cash as linebacker.

    It's so odd that in a league where the difference between linebacker and safety is getting blurrier by the day, that a guy like Cash wasn't in higher demand. Look at us.... trailblazers setting the standard that other teams will start copying very soon. When players like Shaq and Cash roam the field, while Luke and TD do their thing, it will be a thing of beauty. Love the signing and think Cash finds his niche sooner, rather than later. Not saying '16, but I don't think he's the kind of player that you can't keep off the field. Certainly viable sub-packages and can do some damage in the box. Jersey numbers 45-49 are available.... I hope he lands a nice 46 or 48 number.