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  1. Davidson Deac II

    Steve Smith bullied Cam Newton his rookie season?

    Still have yet to see a single person post anything other than rumour and innuendo. Basically, its been that I heard from a friend that he did something bad. In my experience, these heard it from friends stories almost always get it wrong, or they exaggerate things.
  2. Davidson Deac II

    Steve Smith bullied Cam Newton his rookie season?

    Fwiw, I am a fan of the team, and whoever plays for the team. I can't really grasp being a fan of an individual player, although there are certainly players that I like more than others. As far as what happened between Cam and Steve Smith, all any of us know is rumour and innuendo. Its interesting off season fodder, and is probably getting some clicks for the site, but its still just rumour and innuendo.
  3. Davidson Deac II

    Steve Smith bullied Cam Newton his rookie season?

    Bullying, or just the somewhat normal crap that veterans give rookies, albeit with a added steve smith twist. If its the latter, then who cares? If its the former, then the team should have done something about it. But the odds are its the latter.
  4. It was after the New England game, I remember that much. When I get some time, I will look again.
  5. I agree, it didn't happen often. But it did happen. I can't remember what game it was, but after one, I went thru the play by play on nfl.com, and looked at our second and short plays. 8 times we had second and three or less, and 8 times, we ran the ball. If you want to establish the run and then throw deep on occasion, which was our professed style, then at least 25% of the time on second and short, you should throw the ball deep just to loosen things up.
  6. I don't know if this really applies irt running into a brick wall, but I know that some coaches like to take the opportunity to throw the ball deep on second and short. If it fails, you still have 3rd and a makeable amount of yardage. I don't remember us ever doing it.
  7. Davidson Deac II

    Julio Jones holding out

    Maybe, but if Julio decides to hold out and they win without him, then they could be saying by to to him.
  8. Davidson Deac II

    Trump is making a difference

    Trump will probably put a Tariff on the world cup.
  9. Davidson Deac II

    North Korea Summit

    Peace in our time. https://www.history.com/news/chamberlain-declares-peace-for-our-time-75-years-ago
  10. Davidson Deac II

    North Korea Summit

    So would our allies. Unfortunately, Trump failed to mention to Japan or South Korea that we would no longer be conducting exercises with them. More of North Korea getting what it wants (sowing discontent between us and our Asian Allies) without giving up anything in return. Not to mention our own military. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-northkorea-usa-military/trump-surprises-with-pledge-to-end-military-exercises-in-south-korea-idUSKBN1J812W?h_sid=4f8a318403-59d5592b0a21f78c3a091e84 SEOUL/WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump’s declaration on Tuesday that he intended to end joint military exercises with South Korea took South Korean and U.S. military officials by surprise.
  11. Davidson Deac II

    Julio Jones holding out

    I don't really care if Julio gets 20 mil a year vs the 14 he is already getting. But if it hurts the Falcons, then I am for it.
  12. Davidson Deac II

    North Korea Summit

    That is what is going to happen. The only choice is to try and ensure they don't use them. Why would there not be much use in being there? Remove the troops and we increase the likelihood of them invading.
  13. Davidson Deac II

    North Korea Summit

    Fwiw, we haven't bombed them since 1953. I read the article you linked, and there would be a simple way to end the tension between us and them. Don't be tense. We can keep our guard up, exercise, train, watch them, but otherwise just let them rant and rave and not respond unless they actually attack us or our allies. And tell them the door is always open if they want to have a serious conversation about peace.
  14. Davidson Deac II

    North Korea Summit

    North Korea has two goals. 1 keep their nukes. 2 End the alliance between the US and South Korea. They are working on both. They have been working on getting nukes for 40 years. You think they are just going to give them up because Trump offered to bring in Mcdonalds? Stopping the SK/US training is a small step towards breaking the alliance. At least in their mind. IMO, we are going to have to accept that they are a nuclear power, and contain them. As we have peacefully for the last 60 years. At least until they eventually get some common sense leaders. I believed it when Obama was president, and I believe it now regardless of what Grump says. Denuclearize is a buzz word, nothing else. In the entire history of nuclear weapons, no country has ever given them up once they have them. Because they know having them is a bulwark against invasion. If you read the news coming out of Washington today, we are already starting to see cracks in the seams of whatever deal was reached. Yes we are going to keep exercising with the SK troops, because Wargames aren't exercises. Wait, correction, we are not going to exercise with them, because exercising isn't training. You really think this deal will last? If there really is a deal
  15. Davidson Deac II

    North Korea Summit

    Me winning the lottery and NK getting rid of their nukes have about the same chance of happening. The reality is that Kim got to put on a show with the US, and got some legitimacy.