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  1. Seahawks 1-7 all time in temps less than 28 degrees

    I agree. If nothing else, the Hawks should come away from the match up pretty chapped and frost bitten. That equals more wear and tear on bodies already beat up after a long season. To me this is interesting if only from the standpoint of it being a favorable thing for a potential opponent to be just as beat up as possible before they venture into BoA. I do think the elements will be a much more effective "12th Man" than any of the racket they always seem to bask in at Seattle's house, as far as having an impact on the outcome of the game. The fact that whoever we play will also have to travel to our house is just icing on the cake, and another layer of difficulty for them should that turn out to be the 'Hawks. Personally, I want whoever we play to come to NC just as worn out as they can be. Like war, any advantage is worth exploiting.
  2. Amazing Photo Giveaway!!!! Rejoice!

    I work for an ESPN affiliate radio station, and my partner on the show we do is also a Panthers fan (although, coming from Indiana, his first team is the Bears). The studio we work in is separated from a sister station's studio by a glass window. When we do our show, the DJ in the studio next to ours is always parading Falcons or Saints banners, flags, helmets, etc. in front of us as we do our Panthers segment. I would frame the pics, then must them in that window to act as a talisman against the bad juju he is constantly sending our way, and to provide a constant reminder of Panther superiority to a bottom feeder who has absolutely no taste when it comes to football!
  3. Along the Sidelines - The book

    Publishing books is what I do. When the economy went bad, I returned to school to get my Masters in History. Prior to that, I published 40+ books of North Carolina history through my company, Dram Tree Books. Hit me up if I can help you out.
  4. PLEAE tell me this jerk is not wearing a Panthers jersey...

    Sympathies to the young woman's family. If heeded drunk he needs to take a big hit for it.

  5. Brews and Bruhs - Now Open

    Generally speaking, I am of the opinion there are two kinds of beer int he world - your kind and the free kind. Tell me more about that pair of hips in the photo at the top of this post!
  6. The Huddle Gameday Live - Buffalo Bills Edition

    I'm losing confidence in Barner. He just doesn't seem to have the size or vision to get it done. Sent from my iPhone using CarolinaHuddle
  7. Getting Defensive - Arizona Cardinals

    God write up. I agree on all points. Speaking as someone who was about thirty yards away when Kraken laid that smack down on Carson last year (it rattled MY fillings, not mention what it did to Palmer), I can't help but believe he'll have a bad case of sweaty palms when he sees Hardy lining up against him. How about a similar analysis for the offense?
  8. Official Panthers - Giants Gameday Thread

    On another note, I was just watching Panther Huddle, and saw we won the toss last week. Haven't seen THAT in a while.
  9. Official Panthers - Bills Gameday Thread

      Don't you know that monsters aren't real?
  10. Official Panthers - Bills Gameday Thread

    Wow! I gotta admit, that doesn't happen if the oline doesn't give Cam time to hit Ginn.
  11. Official Panthers - Bills Gameday Thread

    Williams just ties a team record for sacks. Great. Glad someone is having a good day.
  12. Official Panthers - Bills Gameday Thread

    And now here comes the defense implosion. That's a wrap guys, see ya next year (or at least that's what it feels like).
  13. Official Panthers - Bills Gameday Thread

    S@#t...CJ is down.  
  14. Official Panthers - Bills Gameday Thread

    How come THEY found a USC receiver who can catch?
  15. Official Panthers - Bills Gameday Thread

    Where the heck was all that offense for the rest of the half?