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  1. Judge chastises racist cop

    It was Cantrell with yet another nickname, he was trolling you lefties, haha.  Or checking on the mods to keep em on their toes
  2. Well, being that we're already hated .. Sign Hardy

    we've done this already Jerry cried about it on TV, never will he be brought back
  3. Another reason for cynicism and for Bernie to raise the roof.
  4. Judge chastises racist cop

    Your intellect can only be matched by your wit
  5. Negative interest rates

    Obviously, not many people would leave money in savings if the bank was gonna charge them to keep it there. Think I will invest in home safes shortly
  6. To go back to Ross Perot, "the devil is in the details".  I guess I am just more cynical about politicians in general.  I think it is the voters fault that honesty cannot win, and that they all have to pump misinformation to the public.  A politician knows that pie in the sky sells and people eat it up every time, just to get disappointed every time.
  7. Hillary started to get into it just a bit and it is the HOW.  How are you gonna do this, that, and all the other things you propose? She started to get into it with him and should have stuck with it because he came back with a lot of nothing. "the middle class bailed out Wall St, now its time for Wall St to help the middle class" is some of the push button responses he has not only at rallies, but on the debate stage.  But, he can't flesh it out as to how and what that means and exactly how he plans legislation that he can't get through his own party, much less the right. "I think African Americans should not be shot in the streets".  Groundbreaking right?  So what does that mean?  How does he accomplish anything, has he done anything but complain?  Because at the end of the day, if all he accomplishes is complaining, he gets nothing done.  I mean what the heck is a speculation tax?  Spell it out and its economic impact. Like I said, if he were elected, he would be like Obama, only worse, executive orders would be all the ammo he has.  They would lose house and Senate seats and he could possibly be overridden on vetos. A president has to be more than a community organizer or a protester, or he ends up being just that
  8. Judge chastises racist cop

    A wild moron shows up
  9. Nice redirect Anyway, it would seem that Clinton won tonight as she looked much more knowledgeable on several areas.  She also hit him on specifics of his plan of action and he looked lost.  Just more of his "here's the problem" mantra, which might in fact, be enough. She is trying to act like she was Obamas running mate or something.  She looks like she will kill him in the South.
  10. DE targets for this draft

    From what I remember, Nassib traditionally played at a much lighter weight.  This could be part of the quickness issue.  He will probably be better playing at a 34 end, and losing 15 lbs or so
  11. Was not as blatant as I suspected before the debate You know exactly what i meant by the way. CBC, Al Sharpton, etc.  She sees them as a firewall, he sees them the same way.  Both will manipulate, spin, patronize the black vote and continue to "promise" the world, and deliver nothing but more of the same.  They just want the votes.
  12. Tonights Debate or the Black Patronizing Forum will be interesting Hillary will start the trashing I predict.
  13. Ezekiel Elliott

    Most pundits put him at around 10, some top 5, doubt he makes it past 20 unless a bunch of red flags pop up
  14. Gettleman's next find

    Oher has been his best find yet
  15. Negative interest rates

    So what do you guys think? What would you do if the Fed went this route?  Would you pull funds from the banks?  Financial news is all over the place today, so with the YUUGGEE amount of trust I have in the Tbox, I thought I'd ask