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  1. Negative interest rates

    So what do you guys think? What would you do if the Fed went this route?  Would you pull funds from the banks?  Financial news is all over the place today, so with the YUUGGEE amount of trust I have in the Tbox, I thought I'd ask
  2. 2016 3 biggest roster holes.

    The key is to make sure the front four are very talented, then, it takes the pressure off the back 7. So, yes, I see a DE in the draft and one in FA.  Would not be surprised to see Allen gone and then brought back just for the vet presence. Same with a safety, I see a vet FA coming in. CB will be needed, Tillman injury was very late and i doubt he will be ready for the opening game. I am looking ahead a season or two to C being a need.  Wonder if we will keep Remmers around as a backup to Kalil and to D Williams who should be starting at RT? Keep the trenches stocked and the rest is much easier
  3. Big Boards

    A composite Good pick for us
  4. Trump finally gets a win Alas, he will not get a sniff in the South
  5. Newt Gingrich for all his goods and bads, told Hillary way back when she wanted the entire ball of wax, that it was too much to take on and do correctly and that he would agree to working with her on it, but they needed to break it down into segments so the program could be thought through to avoid fraud and waste, and, to give both sides of the aisle their fair say in building the programs. She wanted it all and at once, so, it did not pass. They should take on drugs, for instance, the need for R & D vs the huge profits for something that people actually need to live. No reason that any company should not be able to make a profit, but also, no reason for them to price drugs to the point where nobody can afford them just because they can.  Again, the ACA did NOTHING to drive down costs. Middle America is getting killed again from the ACA, insurance companies are running the show like never before and drug companies profits are through the roof. The "just do something" attitude of DC is there to get votes and play on Americas fears and troubles, not to truly fix anything. My slave children are crying for lunch or something stupid, so I will attend to them now (gets out whip)
  6. Big Boards

    Guess we can post em here to see where the wind is blowing towards the end of the first round.   Was intrigued with Ogbahs size and quickness for the DE position, but as I go on, he seems to be dropping to the end of the first and Jeremiah does not have him in the top 50 prospects. Mayock did not list him either. Would be great to get him in the second like we did Kony, maybe picking up Apple in the first
  7. Dont agree with an argument? Then play the race card on the one you are arguing with.
  8. Yes, you posted just a few of the issues and there are many more that increase the costs of healthcare.  but none of them are being addressed, only turned over to none other than the federal government who has a history, not of success, but of waste fraud and abuse.  What do you expect we will get from the new system?  I agree that gov should work toward solving issues, but not taking it over.  Care will be less, but more expensive. The exact opposite of what they professed.  But, exactly the same as their track record on everything they touch
  9. Once again, for you guys who are quick with the insult but woefully short on solutions, what about fixing the high costs of healthcare is the gov doing?  Just saying that THEY (someone elses money) will pay for it makes them the heroes? or does it just buy them power to continue to make winners and losers in corporate America? my point was that if Government is the answer to every problem of life we have, we are in deep trouble.  Just think, maybe when the government takes over more and more of your lives and dictates everything for you, a Cruz administration would make you very happy.  You know doing only what he thinks is right and there is nothing you can do about it but call people names on an internet, unless of course he wants to take that back too. Now, I am off to beat the slave children I own  
  10. You could see it when he rolled over.  Looked like someone had stuck a golf ball under hit shirt
  11. Mayocks first rankings

    Physically, I think Ogbah would be perfect for us, but have not watched any film either
  12. Trump finally gets a win

    Fiorina and Christie gone, guess Carson still has nothing better to do
  13. Mayocks first rankings

    Ogbah didn't make this list as edge rusher, of course they are probably mixed 3/4 and 4/3 guys
  14. Mayocks first rankings