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  1. My love of the Panthers is so strong I keep a pair of tickets I didn't get to use when I was 10 years old (no ride) to the first game they ever won in the history of the team down in Clemson. Sam Mills won that game for the Panthers and those tickets remind me daily of the 'keep pounding' motto I use everyday in life.
  2. Cam has this. Even if we come up short here would who would you rather have right now in this situation?
  3. Hopefully the D comes out with some fire after that last series and stops them 3 and out
  4. Need to get this first down, almost a must have
  5. just wow at this team.... just wow. There are literally zero words.
  6. Attempted yardage versus required yardage obviously is rocket science to shula....
  7. here comes the coveted draw play
  8. Buh bye Stephen Hill

    This is a very bone headed move. Is it too hard to keep this crap out of your car? Can these guys not afford for someone to get this stuff for them and keep it all at the house? Sick of this team being in the news in a negative light....
  9. Jonathan Martin Retiring from Football

    What in the world? That came out of nowhere. We didn't have time to see just how bad everyone said he was....
  10. What exactly am I missing here? Every single time I see the guy play he just runs around then throws up some miracle and it gets caught somehow.... He wants more than 21m/year? I hope they pay it so it ruins their cap.