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  1. CarolinaNut added a post in a topic Monday practice tweets   

    we are fugged
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  2. CarolinaNut added a post in a topic Bold Regular Season predictions   

    majority of these aren't bold they're delusional..smh
    Ted Ginn leads all WR's in yards
    Funchess leads all WR's in TD's 
    Stewart doesn't finish the season
    Greg Olsen makes another pro bowl
    Wegher is cut but makes it back to practice squad and eventually gets on the 53 before seasons end
    Cam balls out and we win 10 games
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  3. CarolinaNut added a post in a topic 2015 Carolina Panthers Final Roster Projection   

    if you want the 53 best players DG should not let RR into the room when making the cuts..RR will lobby for his favorites
    if it were me i would cut Todman and just roll with Stew, Fozzy, and CAP..then i would keep boykin..the rest looks pretty spot about TJ Heath if he makes the 53..that would be awesome!
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  4. CarolinaNut added a post in a topic Joe P thinks Boykin gets cut   

    it's joe person..who cares about his projections
    cutting boykin and keeping bersin would be a mistake..i think boykin showed out more in preseason and i think boykin has more potential in the long run..the only way bersin can even get open is if the defense is in some kind of zone..seriously, watch bersin when defense plays straight up man coverage..dude can't get any kind of seperation
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  5. CarolinaNut added a post in a topic Brown   

    talk is cheap..even last year i remember him trying to hug the football out of the air..done with this dude..he's JAG..would like to see boykin get more reps with cam
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  6. CarolinaNut added a post in a topic Wide Receiver Battle & Running Back Battle - Who do you "HOPE" makes the team?   

    Ginn, Funchess, Boykin, Brown, Byrd
    Stewart, CAP, Todman, Wegher, Ward
    Tolbert can go.  Brockel can go.
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  7. CarolinaNut added a post in a topic Is Byrd Earning a Roster Spot?   

    Funchess, Ginn, Boykin, Brown, Byrd
    That is the WR core i would keep.  I think Byrd provides much more upside than Bersin with his speed and he looks far more comfortable as a punt returner if needed.  Cotchery is a veteran but flat out can't do anything on a football field anymore at this point in his career.  He gets no separation.  We have a fantastic WR coach who can keep these guys coached up so i think keeping Cotchery simply as a veteran makes no sense to me.  Now if Brown shows up next week dropping the ball again then i would keep Bersin over him.  I absolutely cannot stand WR's who continue to try and catch with the body and drop the ball.  Unacceptable to me.
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  8. CarolinaNut added a post in a topic The Answer is on the Roster   

    what kills me is funchess has a hammy strain now..he needs to be out there getting all the reps he can..what a sucky day yesterday ended up being..i still like our WR core with funchess, ginn, and brown..then you throw in cotch and bersin as posession type sucks losing KB but as long as Cam and the defense can stay healthy i think we can still be a good team..hope is not lost in my eyes
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  9. CarolinaNut added a post in a topic Video: Michael Oher and Olivier Vernon Practice Scrum   

    what a punk
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  10. CarolinaNut added a post in a topic Kelvin Benjamin carted off at practice   

    if this was last year i would have said the season was over..i like our WR depth a lot more this year...Byrd may actually make the team for KB..he was gonna beast this year
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  11. CarolinaNut added a post in a topic Panthers vs Dolphins Practice 1   

    well my day is ruined now..doesn't sound good for KB
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  12. CarolinaNut added a post in a topic Who is Ready?   

    when is the schedule released?
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  13. CarolinaNut added a post in a topic Testing adding image from url   

    the huddle app hasn't been working in like a week for me..what's up?
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  14. CarolinaNut added a post in a topic DAY 6 - Training Camp Tweets (Aug 6)   

    could you imagine if daryl williams turns out to be the solution for LT?!?
    fap fap fap
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