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  1. Coleman

    For Boston it's about following assignment and not getting looked off. For Coleman it's about his size and most importantly his wingspan so form tackling is key. I think we'll see different safety schemes. The corner situation is different and Shaq will take over the Harper role more than a safety will. While adapting to changes on the roster will be a challenge, doing new things other teams don't have tape on is an advantage of sorts.
  2. Maybe if that TE is a dual threat but bringing in another safety is a moot point
  3. some of it could be explained by the situation but I think we can see that adding more blockers wasn't necessarily better for Stewart.
  4. Agree on the WRs. Yes, we're still a pounding run game but we are also still a vertical passing game with tons of talent. No idea where to find formation percentage. With the 2 TE set I think we can assume Dickson was unlikely to be the only TE on the field so if he was out there just over 50% of the snaps that means we were in 2TE 50% of the time. Tolbert was out there 40%. The biggest barrier is our OTs aren't great run blockers, Daryl Williams could be the key to opening the offense up
  5. Depends where we are on the field. I'd rather take a defender out of the box than add a blocker. Go look at Stew's splits when we have 2 TEs. It's not good. The Broncos gave the blueprint to clog everything. It's easier said than done but someone finally treated Dickson and Tolbert like the non-threats they are. Actually I think the Titans did a solid job with this too. Idk if we have the OTs for it yet but the goal should always be to commit less men to blocking. Max protect worked surprisingly well but we can't rest on what worked last year. We need to spread the field and let the MVP pick his mismatches. Funchess > any #2 TE edit - since I know none of you will go look at Stew's splits by formation, here they are. BY OFFENSIVE FORMATION ATT % Carries YDS AVG Shotgun 98 40% 534 5.4 2 Backs Split 13 5% 56 4.3 I-Formation 51 21% 80 1.6 Lone Setback 128 53% 645 5 BY WR FORMATION ATT % Carries YDS AVG 2 Wide Receivers 102 42% 375 3.7 3 Wide Receivers 53 22% 327 6.2 4+ Wide Receivers 3 1% 16 5.3 BY TE FORMATION ATT % Carries YDS AVG 0 Tight Ends 7 3% 46 6.6 1 Tight End 113 47% 519 4.6 2 Tight Ends 87 36% 295 3.4 3+ Tight Ends 35 14% 129 3.7
  6. I think Mitchell's speed and physicality makes people think he's better in coverage than he is. I'd prefer a FS like Coleman who isn't as imposing but follows his assignment better and allows the plays to come to him. Those two would compliment each other well. The call out I always hear with Boston is about 2014, especially the div playoff game in Seattle. "He got roasted by Wilson(s)." What's funny is you can't name a safety that hasn't been roasted by Russell Wilson since then. In the regular season Wilson basically threw at Harper exclusively which is a tough matchup with Graham. Nobody would be surprised that Harper is getting picked on in coverage, but Coleman also gave up the TD on the fleaflicker, he was in position but Lockette was just the bigger player. Boston wasn't in terrible position in 2014's regular season game either. In the 2015 playoff game Wilson destroyed Coleman with one-on-one vs WRs. Basically what I'm getting at is that most fans use this example of Boston being trustworthy as if I don't have evidence that even our vets have been abused by the same great QB.
  7. Someone enlighten me on how Tre is such an untrustable player. Not hyperbole like "he missed a tackle", give me proof that when he plays the defense isn't the same.
  8. My choice for rookie camp MVP last year...

    I'd say Garrett but I also think the DBs will have something to say. I love Gettleman, no answer at CB? OK I'll draft a deep competition and let the players fight for it. Competition builds teams.
  9. 2nd Wave Free Agency Starts May 12th

    This notion that we need some guy to be "the surehanded vet" is so stupid. How'd that work in the SB? Funchess and Philly made the best plays at WR. The expectations are every WR will make the play when necessary.
  10. 2nd Wave Free Agency Starts May 12th

    Ok Boldin boys which young WR is losing a spot for your 35 year old? You're giving up a cheap WR with potential for a guy with maybe one year left in the tank. Gettleman likes young cheap potential and doesn't believe you're a player away. Stop buying brand names your GM invests in the future not the past.
  11. Sorry my brain still functions when I come here. But I'm not perfect and I do forget it's not the same for everyone.
  12. Because the most unbiased source is
  13. Let's play pick two running backs

    Its Wegher vs Fozzy and it all coming down to pass blocking and who you trust more in a big moment.
  14.'s Chris Benoit explains our CB situation

    Umm how about how the pass rush is going to be much better (nearly 2013 level) and even with Josh leaving this is the youngest group of DBs Rivera has had, and it has more potential than any previous.. and by the way literally all of them are known for ballhawking.