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  1. Let's play pick two running backs

    Its Wegher vs Fozzy and it all coming down to pass blocking and who you trust more in a big moment.
  2.'s Chris Benoit explains our CB situation

    Umm how about how the pass rush is going to be much better (nearly 2013 level) and even with Josh leaving this is the youngest group of DBs Rivera has had, and it has more potential than any previous.. and by the way literally all of them are known for ballhawking.
  3. Hedging your bets, a lesson in drafting success.

    The exact same logic could be used for the Butler pick you just questioned.
  4. Yeah like 80% of NFL cbs fit those basic metrics. Too bad the players aren't. Boykin has seriousquick twitch. Josh is a smooth strider.
  5. They're the same if you take out the wingspan and 20lb difference
  6. Name the top slot receivers that are the teams deep threats. Speed goes outside to stretch the field.
  7. Kyle Love signed to 1 year deal

    This^ I think we can realistically project an improved pass rush through player development (Ealy, Delaire?), we've improved the DT depth and we've improved at CB, possibly SS. Do I want a young DE? Yes, but I wouldn't be surprised if Gettleman takes a DT People need to realize a "fix" isn't just sitting at home hoping to make $3M per year.
  8. Thought you were going to say Patrick Robinson which would be a better signing than both Weddle and Cro
  9. ADD A TE?

    It was trash in the 4th quarter
  10. ADD A TE?

    The bills had the most yards The run game has a ton to improve on. 1st in attempts 2nd in yards 10th in YPA (This is a disgrace when Newton is your QB) YPA by quarter 1st: 5.6 2nd: 4.6 3rd : 4.5 4th: 2.9 (?!?!?!?) The reason we can't run in the 4th is because our TEs and OTs can't block when the defense knows it's coming and we stop using the read-option as much. Want to stop teams from rallying? Block the edge and average 4 YPA in the 4th quarter.
  11. ADD A TE?

    Do any of you realize Dickson was the worst run blocking TE in the league second only to Greg Olsen? Guess who the the worst run blocking OT was?
  12. Minus the good plays he really sucked
  13. Better know a prospect - Kevin Dodd

    Reasons why I like DE in the first: 1) This year is so deep and the position is dominated by blue chip players. Over the last three years,11/14 All-Pros were first round picks. Cameron Wake, Greg Hardy and Calais Campbell were the three. 2) A promising DE now means we could have the best front seven in the league set for the next five years. I really like Dodd as he fits into our DE moldthat rotates inside on passing downs. 3) Defensive end is probably the safest position to choose based on getting them playing time while not inexperiencedliabilities to worry about. Our other needs are much higher risk positions and so I think we'll see the coaches go with vets till the coaches feel they've developed long term replacements. It's so much easier to put DEs in situations to succeed. OT, S, CB can all give up major game changing plays in the blink of an eye. Of course aDE could lose contain but they're not the last line of defense or protecting Cam. If we are guarding leads as often as this past season, that's exactly when we need a rookie DE to turn loose without too much worry.
  14. Gettleman's next find

    Michael Griffin
  15. I think it has to be a shorter contract for him to take it but I do think we should keep him as a placeholder. He isn't worth his contract but he could have a resurgence.