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  1. Hate to say it but.......

    We had the ball when it was 10 to 16 Yes some bad calls were made and it didn't make it any easier to climb out the hole WE DUG OURSELVES Denver's edge rushers probably had this biggest impact in determining this game. 
  2. you guys suck.

    Yea some of this is sad. I love this team and we are set up to be good for a while. This was an amazing season.
  3. Media Fatigue...

    Media fatigue usually sets in by Thursday or Friday for me, so this has been especially prolonged lol
  4. Cam Newton disappointed me

    sad story, guess you just gotta keep pounding
  5. When did Cam first give the ball to a kid?

    I have absolutely no memory of Kaiser or Nelson
  6. Breaking Down the Numbers: Cam vs Russ

    Sorry I need a little more Us vs Them in my life
  7. I'd rather smell the flowers than argue over them. 
  8. Frank Garcia calls Bene Benwikere "a JAG"

    a just a guy?
  9. Semantics. Wasted breath. Call it what you will.
  10. "ah-ah-ah-ah-ah--ahhhh!" Joe getting talked to like a child from his parent. Priceless.
  11. Falcons shittin the bed (gameday thread)

    I love watching them lose.
  12. Is it still unbelievable to anyone else?

    It is a bit surreal. I think some of us (I certainly was) were fearful of staying in mediocrity forever and becoming something like the Browns. When Dave stepped in from day one I felt a change. I love watching highlights from this year it has really been special. 
  13. Before we get all happy

    too late already happy
  14. I'm in Thailand. HELP

    sounds like you could use some drugs
  15. Will Funchess Emerge This Week?

    you can do whatever you want. i dont see the point in speculating this kind of thing. to each his own though. this was my perspective. quite a jump to assume im not a fan of any discussion, but by all means if it suits you.