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  • Location Amsterdam, Netherlands
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  • What you should know Originally from Charlotte, then moved to Atlanta in 2007, then to Amsterdam in spring of 2010.

    In spite of recent disappointments, I still love my Panthers and watched them throughout the 2010 season from Amsterdam.

    I grew up a Redskins fan but stopped following the NFL in my late teens and early 20's because I was more interested in things like drinking and chasing crazy women.

    In terms of being a Panthers fan, I admit that I started as a bandwagoneer in 2003 but I've stuck with the team through thick and thin since. Living overseas now, the Panthers (and NFL in general) is one of the only things I miss about America.

    (Taco Bell, Pabst Blue Ribbon, and George Dickel are the only other things I miss, for the record.)

    Also of note as it pertains to my Panther fandom.

    I was a Jake hater and in some ways, still am.

    Brad Hoover is my favorite Panther of all time.

    Steve Smith's attitude drives me crazy, but I'll be the first person to defend his talent.

    My biggest pet peeve about the Panthers has been how conservative the front office appears to approach things.

    And I guess that's that.

    PS: Also notice that I'm representin' CAR in the profile pic. That photo was takien outside my favorite bar in AMS, In De Wildeman a few weeks ago.
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