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  1. Pure Respect Rivera / Davis

    Allowing TD to stay with the Panthers epitomizes the Keep Pounding mantra we have in Carolina. Without Davis these past 4+ seasons would be a lot different. He's a reason why Kuechly is all-world and the spark that lights our fiery defense. 
  2. Johnson and Hardy

    The things that Hardy did were stupid and he's going to have to spend a lot of time and effort to get back in the public eye like Ray Rice has done. I honestly do miss Hardy and the ferocity he brought to our line. I think our defensive line is a top 3 unit and to think what it'd be with Hardy..
  3. Oh USAToday... He replied to a tweet of mine, but in a rather condescending and shitty undertone. It's ok though, I didn't give his article any clicks thanks to my awesome fellow huddlers. 
  4. GRITS

    I almost forgot the enigma that is Grits. Great 10/10 poster