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  1. Peyton with dumbest call of the game
  2. Ginn has never caught 2 passes in a row.
  3. We looking a lot better than last week.
  4. And we let shitty ginn behind us.
  5. Finally get Cam throwing darts and we can't catch smfh.
  6. And ruined their draft pick. Can't even tank right. Lol
  7. It's offensive alright.
  8. Olsen

    No. I think terrible QB play and he checked out in the 4th.
  9. He's a glorified RB. Run run the wildcat now.
  10. Way to go for being here all the time.....he's still a terrible passer.
  11. Take the blue tinted glasses off. He's a terrible passer. We have to draft QB this year.