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  1. That's a lot of ifs there dude.
  2. Top remaining free agents - Who do ya want?

    EJ Gaines, Mike Pouncey, Vaccaro, Eric Reid, Ron Parker, Mewhort, Breaux. thats my list.
  3. I'm guess you didn't read the part where we get Olsen back.. Cam's #1 target. But please. Keep L O L ing
  4. It's that time of the year for me.

    The way things are now, a safety or corner wouldn't shock me
  5. We don't need more WR. Smith was more than enough currently. Byrd, Clay, Funchess, Sheppard and Bersin. Barring injury it will be fine. Getting Olsen back from his injury is huge. Maybe getting Wilson or Ebron (which I think is overrated but whatever) would add another weapon. Cam can only spread the ball around so much. If we do add another WR it should only be through The draft. We need S and CB. I'd say take a look at Ried or Vacarro even Boston. As far as CB Gaines is a good option. Or trade for one. This draft has to have OL, DLine and DB help. With maybe one weapon for Cam. Wide out or Tight end. It's time to address the needs and quit this BPA bs. Draft what you need to replace. If he fits your system and upgrades or replaces a player, good.
  6. Wilson or Ebron? Who would you rather have?

    Probably the three amigos. Ode to Steve Martin, Martin Short and Chevy Chase.
  7. Wilson or Ebron? Who would you rather have?

     Stats for both. One was a top ten pick. Played in a pass happy offense and had arguably a top 5 QB. The other one played in a similar offense as our Panthers where the run was the emphasis and had a lot of play action and bootlegs. He was required to block in several schemes and for some odd reason had amazing games against us. Oh and he was a fifth round pick. At this point. I am looking for stability. Potential is great but after a while potential is gone and all you have left are what ifs. Wilson is a solid #2 and would actually be used a lot more than Dickson in my eyes. Ebron has had years to prove he can become something special. He hasn't.
  8. Please let this be true...Funchess, Moncrief, Smith, Byrd, Samuel...omfg.
  9. *makes thread about dj chark* *Talks about him* *Does not bother to put video in description* I am disappoint.
  10. Here we go...

    Sig don't make me hit you up on FB...
  11. Here we go...

    currently too lazy to go through the whole thread, any one want to be a bro and recap what's going on?
  12. Speaking of free agent receivers...

    You want to give him a shot huh?
  13. Panthers trade Worley for Torrey Smith

    I hope Smith has something in the tank.
  14. Giants control the draft?

    Funny how people have a problem with Gettleman threads and scream that it isn't Panthers related yet there are dozens of other threads that don't pertain to Panthers news and they don't get butt hurt over those. It's the off season as well. Igo has already stated that in the off season the rules are more relaxed and you can post any football related topics in the main Panthers forum. So gents. Chillax and keep scrolling if you don't like the Gettleman threads.. Sheesh.
  15. King Earl on the block?

    You know what's sad about this? Colin Jones and Adams actually played better than Coleman. Who was recently cut. I'm not here to argue and I understand the huddle has their panties in a bunch but giving up a third for a player coming off an injury like Thomas' is idiotic. Anything higher than a 5th rounder would be risky. The draft has several safeties that could plug and play for us. Smart thing would be to let the Thomas situation play out. More than likely teams will field calls for him and if the Seahawks ask way too much for him I doubt teams will bite. More than likely he'll be cut or traded for for peanuts. Bennett was acquired for less than what you're suggesting and arguably Bennett was another key piece to that Seattle Defense. If we miss out on Thomas it's not the end of the world there are other safeties that will be available via draft, trade or free agency. So chill. Honestly WR, DE, and O line are more pressing needs.