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    Prior to the events in your "fix", Cam Newton had completed 17 out of 20 passes in three 2nd half drives to get us back in the game on top of a couple of critical rushes to keep the sticks moving. Very interesting how you don't think the previous 20 passes (and the 85% completion percentage with those 20 passes) that were prior to the #3 you want to swing your penis around were important.
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    Just think if we had tried to score on the possessions where we surrendered possession on 4th and 1 at midfield and also surrendered possession with 1:30 left in the half with 2 timeouts in our pocket. Score a FB on either of those and all we have to do at the end of the game is make our own FG to win.
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    Torrey Smith played 70% of the offensive snaps yesterday. Its fugging mind boggling.
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    # of brain cells between Ron Rivera's ears.
  5. This was a yay/nay discussion topic in the game thread yesterday and in some other post-game threads. But Cam, in his post-game press conference, said that his arm was hit. So, though I think some of you may have a valid point about whether Cam's post-shoulder-surgery arm is the same as it was pre-surgery, particularly for long passes, that throw was in no way evidence for it one way or the other. Personally, the way that ball came immediately off of his hand a wobbling dead duck, I thought the fact that his arm was hit was pretty clear.
  6. Cam has 4 interceptions this year. One in Game 2 against the Falcons that hit C.J. Anderson right in the hands and bounced off. Two in Game 4 against the Giants that were arguably a rookie TE running bad patterns. One in Game 5 against the Redskins where his arm was hit by a DL in a collapsing pocket. So four interceptions that could arguably be zero interceptions and a 66% completion percentage. And yesterday, in the game thread, there were people talking about how inaccurate he is.
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    Rivera Monday presser

    Like I wrote in another thread yesterday, unless your name is Kennedy or Rockefeller you don't become a damn billionaire without being smart enough to understand that (1) to achieve uncommon success, one has to take chances and risks and (2) to achieve uncommon success, one also has to be smart enough to know WHEN to take those chances and risks. So there's not a snowball's chance in hell in my mind that Tepper is missing or overlooking Rivera's lack of courage and "sense" in this regard, in my opinion.
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    Rivera Monday presser

    Maybe C.J. forgot and left his necktie at home? Ron really is a sticker about neckties.
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    Rivera Monday presser

    Don't forget "missed opportunities".
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    Rivera Monday presser

    I knew I should have resisted reading this thread. Now I'm just pissed off all over again. "Will no one rid me of this meddlesome priest?"
  11. Unfortunately, it was. Like I said, within the game thread itself and also in a few post-game threads. The only reason I brought it up again is because I finally read this morning that Cam mentioned that, yes, his arm *was* hit. So I decided to bring it up again to (hopefully) clear up the confusion some were experiencing in that regard yesterday.
  12. Yes. And people-plural.
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    Cam Newton = Blake Bortles

    Awww hell, man, I read that post title and I had my guns drawn coming into this post, lol. *whew*
  14. Carry the offense with his arm? Check. Lead the team in rushing yet again? Check. Carry a dinosaur head coach blubbering “SAVE ME AGAIN CAMMMMMM PLEEEEEEAASE!!!!!” on his broad shoulders yet again? Check. But sometimes just *barely* short of the finish line. If people still don’t understand the utter incompetence of this head coach, they are beyond reach.
  15. https://www.derp/2018/10/15/17976816/monday-morning-optimist-im-done-with-ron-rivera-carolina-panthers
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    CJ Anderson says...

    Welcome to CAP's world, CJ. Your seat on the bench is right over there.
  17. Actually I think he is fine between the tackles against regular fronts. Against 9 man fronts (which we face regularly since, you know, RON RIVERA IS THE DEFINITION OF PREDICTABLE)? No.
  18. Ron's philosophy: Run the ball (Narrator: Your QB is regularly your leading rusher) Play defense (Narrator: Your defense is terrible) Keep the defense off the field by possessing the ball more than your opponent (Narrator: The Redskins had almost 60% of ball possession) Rinse, repeat, over and over and over
  19. Yeah, I remember being so excited the first two or three games with the play-calling and aggressiveness. Then... it all of a sudden got WAY more conservative. And its gotta make you ask yourself "Why?" I think I know why.
  20. Stan, I have to say I think I remember you being full-blown Team Rivera not that long ago. Have you changed your mind?
  21. And the only reason the Rivera Panther's have had any noted success "running the ball" is because his QB does all the heavy lifting. ALL OF IT. And then Rivera looks proudly at those rushing numbers and thinks "Look how good we ran the ball squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!" Rivera is a joke who probably continues to re-use the same Daily Planner he's had since 1982.
  22. You understand that this is because Ron "Run the ball (lol), play defense (lol), and win the time of possession battle" Rivera prioritizes ball possession over being dynamic and scoring, right? Ergo, what you described above is the Ron Rivera GAME PLAN. At least until said game plan yet again puts us in a hole and then Ron has to throw it out and pull out his SAVE ME CAM! game plan again (where we start moving the ball and scoring).
  23. 1. WR D.J. Moore Scary bad 1st half in Game 5. In the same game, came back with a good 2nd half. Has flashed in very few opportunities provided hiim in Games 1-4. Potential, but still only that. Might end up being a great pick, but the jury is still out. P.S. I thought he looked bad returning punts in pre-season so, of course, Ron "Special Teams Genius" Rivera has him on special teams. 2. CB Donte Jackson Best of the seven draft picks through Week 6. Has played pretty good to extremely good in every game except for Game 4 vs. NYG. Leads the team in interceptions. Great pick. 3. S Rashaan Gaulden Invisible. Has been on the game-day roster for all five games, but still hasn't played much. Hasn't flashed or shown much potential when he has played. Poor pick. 4. TE Ian Thomas Started the season extremely well. And, to use that word again, "flashed" some potential in Games 1-3. His only visibility in Games 4 and 5 have been bad though. Directly contributed to 2 interceptions in Game 4 vs. the NYG. Upon Greg Olsen's return, his head coach seems to have preferred the 2 TE combo of Olsen-Manhertz over Olsen-Thomas (be honest... raise your hand if you are surprised that Ron "I love my washed-up veterans" Rivera would prefer Manhertz). Has shown enough to look like he has a bright future (unless Rivera continues to have him watch Manhertz from the sideline). Good pick. 4. "DE" Marquis Haynes 5. LB Jermaine Carter One total tackle in 5 games. An utter non-contributor. I would otherwise ignore a 5th rounder and not expect anything, but he *is* on the Panther's roster so, in that case, poor pick. 7. LB Andre Smith 1/2 total tackles in 1 game active. An utter non-contributor. Same as above, but he'd get the 7th round "who cares?" from me except that Rivera/Hurney have seen fit for him to occupy a roster spot. So, poor pick. 7. DT Kendrick Norton No games. No stats. An utter non-contributor. 7th round practice squad player, so no grade.