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  1. I mean, that's GREAT selling point for recruiting. Pete Carroll and USC milked that for all it was worth in the early 2000's. But events and offensive evolution overtook the "pro-style" offense. Even Bama's HC Nick Saban has moved to more of a multiple "spread" offensive scheme over the last 2 or 3 years or so.
  2. tiger7_88

    Derek Anderson...update?

    I don't wish Mr. Anderson ill at all. But he's DONE. So, with regard to the NFL and the Panthers specifically, I don't care. But I still wish him a long and productive life, post-NFL.
  3. And one reason for that is college systems and rules still value the running back, whereas NFL rule-making does not. If the NFL wants to be in sync with college and get NFL ready players, then they should adapt their rules. I don't expect them to, nor do I think they should. BUT they should also not be bitching about "NFL-ready players" either.
  4. tiger7_88

    UEFA Champions League

    Well, there's not a fan-base on earth without fans who will bitch about officiating. Even *I* will bitch about officating. But when I do, I'm alway right. (P.S. Madrid deservedly won. Liverpool were behind the 8-ball coming into that match. Madrid's quality is apparent to the last player on their bench. They brought in Bale OFF THE FUGGING BENCH for God's sake. Liverpool didn't and doesn't have that luxury. I still believe it would have been a 50-50 game between the starting 11 if Ramos hadn't thugged 'Pools best player off the field. Still, Liverpool didn't do what they had to do. Still proud of Liverpool and hoping for a good summer of roster additions.)
  5. Am I the only guy who remembers some people in this forum promoting the "sign Incognito" view a couple of weeks ago?
  6. I don't agree though. RBs value has dropped due to NFL rules designed to increase the ability for offense to score in games (something of which Ron Rivera ignores and, when he deigns to recognize it, HATES). These same rules increase the value of the TRUE #1 receiver. However (and there's always a however), a TRUE #1 isn't just picked off of the receiver tree. A true #1 in today's NFL has to have the strength to fight off the press (and hand-fighting). the deep speed to get open down-field (WRs that specialize in the 5-10 yd catch are NOT "#1's"), and the skill to run sharp routes. And, as I said above, those guys don't grow on trees.
  7. tiger7_88

    UEFA Champions League

    Please point out the bitching about the refs, sir. (To help you, I am bitching about King Red Card Ramos' dirty ass, not the ref. I actually think the play itself would have been damned difficult for a ref to see in real-time and I place no blame on him for the situation AT ALL. So please, motherfuger, do point out all the bitching I've done about refs. Dis gon' be good.)
  8. tiger7_88

    UEFA Champions League

    And, again, only counting the calls that went against City and excluding the ones that went against Liverpool is also "not how it works". Unless you are of the belief that every bad call went against City and every good call went in favor of Liverpool? A simple missed foul against City MIGHT have eventually resulted in a Liverpool goal in the land of Ifs and Maybes that you want to play. But you want to pretend that you should be able to overturn all of City's bad breaks and ONLY change that. But, as you say, that's "not how it works".
  9. tiger7_88

    UEFA Champions League

    OK, lets change those. Liverpool wins on aggregate (without bitching about any of the bad calls that went against them unless you live in a fantasy world where that didn't happen): 4-3. Happy now? lol
  10. tiger7_88

    UEFA Champions League

    More of the "dark arts" of Ramos. And, by the way rodeo, I never once in my post above complained about the officiating. Stop listening to the insane voices in your head and actually read what I wrote.
  11. tiger7_88

    UEFA Champions League

    Chock up yet another Man City fan glorying in the intentional injury of a Liverpool player. Sad. Sure would be nice to see the list of all those Man City players that Liverpool players intentionally injured. What is Man City's record in Champion's League finals, btw?
  12. tiger7_88

    UEFA Champions League

    Liverpool's defense, not counting the g-d GK tonight, was pretty darned good. Up until Salah left the game, I thought Liverpool had the better side of the match overall. Karius gifted them 2 and Bale made a singular spectacular play on which I couldn't rightly put the blame on ANYBODY. C'est la vie. I don't personally hate a player for making mistakes and even though his performance in the league in the 2nd half of the EPL season was admirable, Karius' performance tonight is unforgivable IMO. Liverpool have GOT to upgrade at GK as priority #1 in the offseason. And Sergio Ramos is a thug piece of poo.
  13. tiger7_88

    MLS to Charlotte?

    I'll tell you one thing about MLS (being a fan of Atlanta United FC), if you think NFL referees are bad and subjective, wait until you get a taste of MLS officiating.
  14. tiger7_88

    A Gettleman legacy

    I see the ex-wife is still bitter and spewing bile toward the husband that she dumped for her old flame because he easily moved on without a qualm and eventually married an SI Swimsuit cover girl.
  15. tiger7_88

    Cam Jordan shows Newton Respect

    Fug Cam Jordan. Sideways. With a rusty rebar.
  16. Seems like the new rule/penalty will have 3 (THREE!) different levels: - If a player has been determined to have the time to consciously prepare to line up a hit and leads with his helmet: 15 yard penalty and ejection of violating player from the game. - If a player has been determined to have initiated contact with his lowered helmet, but it was also determined to be a "bang-bang" play: 15 yard penalty. - If a player has been determined to have lowered his helmet not to initiate contact, but to brace for expected contact: no penalty/violation of the rule. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/category/rumor-mill/page/2/ What a clusterfug this is going to be with these horrible NFL officials these days. "Hey, let's give them MORE poo they can make up on the fly to effect the outcomes of games!"
  17. tiger7_88

    About the new stadium...

    Externally? Its a monstrosity of angles forming a huge shiny anus. It really, really is that ugly IMO. Inside? Its a damned work of art.
  18. http://www.espn.com/chalk/story/_/id/23501236/supreme-court-strikes-federal-law-prohibiting-sports-gambling
  19. tiger7_88

    La Canfora tweets that Hurney is safe

    Well, you're a nice guy too, Mr. Scot. But I wouldn't hire you as a GM. And, yeah, I posted separately in another thread that nothing is likely to happen (if it happens) until the end of this coming season. Change is critically needed and not just behind the desk of the majority shareholder/owner. Unless, of course, said (new) majority shareholder/owner is as satisfied with mediocrity as Uncle Jerry was/is.
  20. tiger7_88

    La Canfora tweets that Hurney is safe

    Yeah, everybody knows what's coming next...
  21. Fingers crossed that he will recognize the mediocrity at the HC and GM positions and can them both and, ideally, you do both at the same time, then hire a GM and the GM hires you a HC that doesn't break out in hives at the thought of scoring. But, unfortunately, its way too late in the league year to hire a HC, so you ride the year out then rid yourself of the mediocrities that were the former owners "family".
  22. With Ron Rivera as his head coach, you're really really putting yourself out on a limb here. This kid has as much potential as any player the Panthers drafted this year IMO. Wait... I was assured that our 40-lb underweight pass-rush specialist 4-3 DE was going to revolutionize the league at his position. Are you saying that that might not be true?
  23. tiger7_88

    For all those "We suck at drafting" people

    So you're saying that Hurney was almost always able to nail his 1st rounders? Isn't that what everybody has been saying all along?
  24. tiger7_88

    Panthers signing Kenjon Barner

    I have nothing against the man, I just have never understood Rivera/Shula's obsession with the player. For Whittaker's Carolina career, regular season and playoffs, he's touched the ball 179 times (130 rushes, 49 receptions) and scored 5 TDs with 1 fumble in 4 seasons in 58 games active. For CAP's Carolina career, regular season and playoffs, he's touched the ball 110 times (102 rushes, 8 receptions) and scored 4 TDs with 1 fumble in 3 seasons in 25 games active. People (not saying you in particular) want to insist to me that all CAP is is a "JAG" (and he may be but, considering his limited opportunities in which he's actually done pretty well, we sure as hell don't know that yet). So, if CAP is a "JAG", then what the hell does that make Fozzy Whittaker and why the hell has Rivera/Shula been so obsessed with the need for them to have some sweet sweet Fozzy over the last 4 years (and throw Fatass Tolbert in that basket too, for that matter).