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    What could possibly go wrong. Hurney will wrap this thing up early on Friday and have a good weekend partying in the big D. I like it.
  2. After reading this it reaffirms my conviction in my first prediction: We are drafting a DB with pick 24. If not we are drafting someone at another position... Probably not a kicker. Or we make a trade. i personally think this sums up most of the pre draft chatter..
  3. What time will 24th pick be?

    10:49 pm
  4. CBS Sports 7 Round Mock Draft with trades

    I agree with this and I’m not keen on trading up for Reid. other than that I like it.
  5. In today's white guilt news

    Gerry Rafferty is very underrated. Not sure what this thread is really about but it seems people argue over the stupidest poo. People get bent over the stupidest poo. Starbucks coffee is shitty. BTW Gery Rafferty is very underrated.
  6. Practice Squad Panther player suspended

    To be clear this is about 2% of we. A practice squad guy usually doesn’t just emerge to replace elite talent.
  7. Panthers 1st round big board.

    I have a feeling we will be going OL in the first. I’m usually wrong so that means we will probably go in an entirely different direction.
  8. Browns take 2 QBs?

    Or bring the two guys in a watch them both bust Browns style. Set yourself up for #1 picks for the next decade. Just another way browns will creatively be browns.
  9. Conundrum

    The only question anyone should be asking is "who taught a cowboy fan to spell and say conundrum"?
  10. Making a poll thread to ask if we need a thread to make a thread about mock drafts
  11. Let's talk about BUSTS

    TBD. I think he was hyped based on speed and the bungles took care of the rest. But that is an easy hindsight point of view on my part. Again. Just my opinion and a differing perspective for discussion purposes.
  12. Let's talk about BUSTS

    Nice glasses
  13. Let's talk about BUSTS

    I see where you are coming from and like the post but I dont think they all will come away with a bust label. Only two full bust candidates at this point are Chubb and Darnold. I think the others will be “over drafted”. Not sure how to quantify but Chubb and Darnold are the only two “sure things” from the list. The rest are just hyped in intervals IMO. Totally an opinion.
  14. Day 3 Draft Needs and Likes

    Yes, for the name alone. Imagine the "EbO" chant though...