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  1. Pejorative Miscreant added a post in a topic Corey Brown, I May Be on the Hype Train...   

    Camp is going to be interesting this year. I also believe that you might have some well known guys on this team playing in the 4th preseason game fighting desperately for a roster spot. Will probably feel bad for some of these guys but it is a good problem to have as a fan of a team.
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  2. Pejorative Miscreant added a post in a topic Here's a guy you'll never hear from again   

    At least he waited til after the draft...
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  3. Pejorative Miscreant added a post in a topic Strip...Pers   

    Yes. I think the question was quite vague. Especially when you put it in that context.
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  4. Pejorative Miscreant added a topic in College Basketball   

    NC State grad with a question
    Not commenting on coaching or recruiting but where the fug does Coach get his shirt and tie? Looks like TJ Maxx clearance. ...

    That is all go Pack
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