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  1. No excuses.

    I think this is a probable outcome. I do think Carolina will be up 10 late and Brees will score late to keep it close but dont think we give up too many points. Lots of ground clock control. Problem is Brees can still score fast so you have to finish drives with TDs more often than not.
  2. Shula unrest

    Looks like a compilation of huddle posts.
  3. I agree with this. Time of possession keeps the Brees's and Brady's off the field. I think Cam knocking off the rust will improve the scoring some. Couple that with the D and we might have something.
  4. Breakout Players vs Saints

    Cam Newton. I think most of the rust comes off. High tide raises all boats. This will elevate games of CMC, KB, Funchess and Dickson.
  5. Antifa is the moral equivalent of nazis

    Spot on. If you have a final arbitrator there is no free speech. The small minded resort to violence. Problem is tha so many are caught up in their own ideas they don't see the big picture.
  6. Rocket Man (Not Elton John)

    Classic Les Grossman move https://youtu.be/dROwEc4Vy
  7. Steve Wilks Presser Is A Must Watch

    It won't be very long either.
  8. Love to see us add a Wolfpack alum but I think its a long shot.
  9. Do you trust Igo?

    If only he reverted to the alter ego Zod. No need to trust, just follow and obey...
  10. That's 10+ field goals. Hurney was smart to keep two kickers so we can keep'em fresh. Bring Butker up from PS this week and activate on game day.
  11. Could this the best defense in Panthers history?

    Worley is better than expected thus far. We have tougher competition coming up but they should be able to maintain a high level of performance.
  12. Few of my pictures from today

    Where are the pics of Shula doing keg stands at the tailgate. They would explain a lot.
  13. But your assuming we fail. Just look at all of the offensive succes... oh nevermind.
  14. Rivera Press Conference @ 12:40p

    The other team gets paid to play too. And ughh, sometimes a punt isn't a bad play.
  15. Panthers will just use Dickson in Olsen's place...

    Very simple statement but also very true. Trading for Jimmy Graham, Hunter Henry, Luke Wilson, Owen Wilson, etc... can not overcome the Mike Shula aspect. Dickson will work fine