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  1. NFC and AFC Championships - Picks

    Pats over jags viks over filly Pats over vikes brady and belecheck lead group to buy the panthers
  2. Panthers change in special teams coaching staff

    Glad to see Blackburn getting a chance. Carolina player now coach. Like that a lot
  3. Daeshon Hall

    I think that's when you see what he's got. I think the 3rd season is where u see a lot of promise. Hopefully see hints in 2018 but consistent in 2019 would be realistic.

    i get my sense of belonging g from the huddle. I also drink in moderation for myself but I also try to consume for those who don’t. This may seem like a sacrifice but it gives me a sense of purpose which is another plus. I also own a couple plants. One is rosemary that I use in cooking which helps flavor my lamb. So I got that goin for me.
  5. RIP Dolores O’Riordan

    I think Keith Richards became mummified in 1983. Mick Jagger has a kid still in diapers I think. (I know they could probably share...)
  6. i don’t think Bradberry is bad but he is not out of this world. Worley is a backup IMO. Need to get better definitely.
  7. Suck it Falcons pie

    Very good point but technically they only played an extra half game of playoff football.
  8. Mike Shula Was Just at My Store

    And the 90 year old security guard/greeter tackled his ass before getting out of the store
  9. RIP Keith Jackson

    Seemed like a great guy too. "Whoa Nellie" is one of the most imitated tag lines ever. RIP
  10. This is fly to Cali without signing a contract bad.
  11. Norv flew back to California without signing a deal.

    Found it quite entertaining and did not take seriously. Although I think your aforementioned description should be considered for amending the current WebMD procedure details.
  12. Norv flew back to California without signing a deal.

    No disrespect intended. I had one. The prep is a pain in the ass (pun definitely intended). Need to be close to home.
  13. Norv flew back to California without signing a deal.

    Maybe he had a colonoscopy scheduled.
  14. Its Official- Norv Turner

    Your hyperbole is way to exaggerated. I think he is permitted to have the #2 offense so long as he doesn't have any stoic sideline glances. This will absolutely not be tolerated.
  15. Terrelle Pryor anyone?

    Chucked I did. To say LOL would be an understatement.