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  1. Pejorative Miscreant

    Falcons tell Julio Jones to suck it

    Agree with your point. I think the other side is that half way thru the contract the team can tell you the contract is no longer valid and can cut you. The player knows that when he signed it but I believe there is a sense of urgency due to the length of a career and all. Just hoping Julio creates enough drama to keep me entertained thru the start of training camp.
  2. Pejorative Miscreant

    Ian Thomas - Easy guy to root for

    I think he is raw but I suspect flashes as well as slip ups. I think in a couple years he will be a good pro. Glad he’s on our team.
  3. Pejorative Miscreant

    Your most hated NFL team?

    My football hate manifesto 1. I always hate division rivals 2. I always hate Dallas 3. I always hate the team we are set to play the next week Everything else is subjective and nuanced. It gets more complicated when there are playoff implications.
  4. Pejorative Miscreant

    Cam is ready for training camp

    But he cussed on the Google! No excuse...
  5. Pejorative Miscreant

    The weird Trump cult

    Very succinct and extremely relevant. I also suspect this is Trumps internal re-election doctrine.
  6. I can see a red shirt IR just waiting to happen if we are afraid of stashing a guy on PS.
  7. Pejorative Miscreant

    Preseason Games

    Keep it under wraps for Dallas During the Shula era I would have been extremely perplexed and asked you to explain the difference.
  8. Pejorative Miscreant

    Politicians fighting for the rich

    If we choose to use this logic why not take it to the individual level and creat a “you get out what you put in” model? Same rationale, what could go wrong? i myself see many unintended consequences.
  9. Luke has already read the first 10 plays Dallas throws at us. We got this.
  10. Pejorative Miscreant

    Why Rob Ryan isn't the Panthers coach

    I think his agent felt sorry for him and made up that excuse instead of saying Hurney thought Ryan would suck as a head coach.
  11. Pejorative Miscreant

    Is Hurney next to get the boot?

    Hurley may in fact be the next to go but as of now I don’t see him being on a hot seat and his job should be as comfortable as any other GM from a playoff team from last year. This time around he’s been good at his job so far
  12. Pejorative Miscreant

    Bad review for an old friend

    I like J Stew. and I’m glad he got a chance with a new team and another 3.45 guaranteed. If nothing else it’ll buy a sweet grand piano and life long lessons to enhance his musical talent. Wish him health and happiness.
  13. Pejorative Miscreant

    Pacman Jones fight at airport(video)

    Football is a very violent game and even though Pacman isnt the most physically imposing person he plays a sport where people get paid to hurt you. Gotta think he is pretty keen on how to fug someone up. Stupid move by the dude.
  14. Pejorative Miscreant

    Tepper engaging fans

    He never skirted a question. Even the public funding question was answered to a degree. He’s a like able guy that is most likely a shrewd negotiator which does not bode well for opponents of publicly funding a stadium. Probably a couple years away but I think he will approach it with a win win philosophy and things won’t get nasty.
  15. Pejorative Miscreant

    Shady McCoy

    No excuse. This is intolerable