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  1. This is really all that needs to be said. There may be a market correction happening with tv ratings but the NFL is still the 500 lb gorilla. I think the Jones removal talk is overblown at this point. This too shall pass. The tantrum will play out and all will go back to focusing on clamping down on Shiitty Chinese knock off jerseys.
  2. Vikings not happy Olsen is in the booth...

    This. Being in the booth will not give him a competitive edge playing. I suspect all the poo he is going to have to do as an announcer is new and he will likely be so engrossed in those concepts that the nuances of the actual game will be an afterthought.
  3. Takeaways from MNF

    I think the 45 points and the extra 1 in the W column are the stats that really matter. Your rookie didn't get the all world fantasy stats but 8 touches and 50 yards with two TDs show he's part of the offense. If those are his numbers each game for the rest of the season I'll take it because it tells me other parts of the offense are clicking.
  4. Curtis Samuel x-rays negative, on crutches though

    Some label him soft but can't hold that one against him. The replay looked painful.
  5. Panthers set franchise yardage record...

    7 guys caught passes. No 100 yard receiver. Some might frown at nobody "stepping up and breaking out" but I look at t the other way. Spread it around like that every week and your creating big problems for a D.C.
  6. Panthers set franchise yardage record...

    You just won the Internet. Reigning champ til we play the jets.
  7. Trying to go into the bye a quarter early.
  8. that was a poo play. still a quarter of football left.
  9. Josh Gordon Reportedly Ran A 4.3 Today, DAMN

    Never had a DWI but in retrospect I and a lot of other people I know could have. I don't excuse him for his past mistakes, hell, I thin he's a knucklehead but everything isn't always that cut and dry. You don't have to be physically addicted to have a problem. To put all the money and fame on the line to get high or drunk makes you have extremely poor judgement or have an extremely bad problem. It's easy to pass judgement on someone and kick them when their down. Hope he makes a comeback and keeps his demons at bay.
  10. Funny quote from KB about Tyrod Taylor

    Cam taught KB how to make memorable quotes.
  11. Jerry Jones wants Bil Polian to replace Goodell

    Jones is overreacting or this is portrayed bigger than what it actually is. No need for them to rock the boat. Owners are getting $$$ right now.
  12. Is There a United States Foreign Policy?

    US foreign policy? I here it doubled today.
  13. I have an addiction

    Hmmm. Did you ever consider this to be a contributing factor?
  14. I have an addiction

    Very sensible question. If you go to the eye doctor and need reading glasses I would try to cut down to only 4-5 times a day.