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  1. Hey dwill wasn't you on the 2010 team? Better yet where was you post 2008? Salty as fug.
  2. NFL's Sound FX NFCCG

    haha Ricky grabbing the microphone. "We an't got no wideouts!"
  3. #ThrowbackThursday "The New Logo"

    I love the new logo but hate the new font. Looks generic as hell. Old font looks like it was clawed out and gives off a jungle like vibe. 
  4. Tecmo Bowl: Panthers win!

    They doubled...ahem tripled olsen and contained newton too much!
  5. Someone needs to photoshop "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" photo from the scene in the shinning with "Contain Cam, Double Olsen" over and over.

    Panthers 3:16 just said we whooped that ass!
  7. Worst 17-1 team in the league

    Damnit panthers you had one job! One Job!! To suck and you can't even do that right. Winning 15 in a row and getting into the super bowl, pfff you should be ashamed of yourself!!!
  8. We don't have to say "superb owl" any more!!!

    We must always praise the mighty superb owl, for thy is magnificent.
  9. Panthers turned Carson Palmer into 2008 Jake Delhomme

    Sad that a seahawks fan has to point out the obvious.

  11. The Titans forum have a 70 page thread of Cam

    Yet if he was their qb, they would all be kissing his ass.
  12. What exactly did they say? I demand answers! lol j/k but id like to know as i am unable to watch/listen.
  13. All of those games we why are you bitching agan?
  14. Mike Shula

    Id love to be a moron and have my offense in the nfc championship game. Getting paid millions. Fug if i have a low iq. Has anyone thought perhaps we went that way was to reduce chances of turnovers or that our wrs simply were not getting open?  You go aggresive it can bite you in the butt. Either a turnover or incomplete pass or something that doesn't take time off the clock. Sure a good playaction pass would have been nice. I look at the defense for being more conservative than the offense. But i'm not a nitpicker. Happy with the win.