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  1. Adding insult to injury

    I told all the Cowboy fans I knew that whenever they die, I'll get Tony Romo to be a Paul bearer at their funeral so Tony Romo can let them down one more time. 

    Dab on dem folks
  3. 10-OHHHHH so SWEET PIE!

    We stomped a mudhole in the Redskins and walked it dry.
  4. Referee Assignments for Week 11

    I like Gene Steretore (sp). The ref that did the Packers game.  He is so cool with it lol
  5. http://www.footballzebras.com/2015/11/17/13667/ For this Sunday's game, our referee will be THE Jerome Boger. The same Jerome Boger that was the referee for when we faced Oakland. And if you don't remember what happened in the Oakland game, Came was getting hit all game and you can same that some of them were late hits and out of frustration Cam kind of gets in the face of Boger and screams at him and drew a flag.  Disclaimer: Please don't mind the title of the video, only one that I could find. 
  6. I don't see anyone getting mad at what Carson Palmer did against the Seachickens Sunday Night.
  7. GRITS

    I miss KingT :-)
  8. I don't know about the Broncos beating the Patriots.
  9. And then there were two....

    i lol'd
  10. I keep hearing "you guys need that 1 loss"

    I say no as well but it's going to hurt and sting when we win all these regular season games and lose the first playoff game. If we had to lose games, of course I rather it be in the regular season instead of the post-season.
  11. Lit the Fuq Up!

    I wonder if people still think he was a reach....
  12. The Curious Case of Cam Newton

    That's awesome
  13. The Curious Case of Cam Newton

    I really would like to see RGIII's passing chart (when he was playing), Kapernick's, Wilson's, Brady, Rodgers, Manning and compare them with Newton in terms of making plays from the pocket.