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  1. captfluoro added a post in a topic Bad ass movie quotes   

    "Where's Leo?"
    "If I tell you, how do I know you won't kill me?"
    "Because if you told me and I killed you and you were lying I wouldn't get to kill you then.  Where's Leo?!?"
    Miller's Crossing, my second all time favorite movie.
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  2. captfluoro added a post in a topic I Am Watching Breaking Bad, Finally...   

    The final episode of season 4 is the greatest final episode and possibly the best episode ever.
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  3. captfluoro added a post in a topic Corey "Philly" Brown's 'Endzone Drop'   

    TD ball was tipped, not his fault.
    Sideline pass was bad, not his fault.
    Pass across the middle was low, but should have caught it, his fault.
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  4. captfluoro added a post in a topic Fozzy   

    I see Stew and CAP as the "power" backs with Todman and Wegher as the "speed" backs.  I put their skills in quotes because none of these guys are purely speed or power, but a combination of both to varying degrees.  But no way we keep these four plus Tolbert. 
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  5. captfluoro added a post in a topic Watching Titans vs Falcons and...   

    I saw maybe 5 plays in this game and one was Bell being pushed straight back about five yards and the DE jumping off of him and tackling the RB for a two yard loss.  Don't know who went against Bell, but it made me glad we traded for Oher. He looked ok tonight.
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  6. captfluoro added a post in a topic Keep an eye in this guy tonight...   

     Just judging on this one preseason game, Fozzy seems to be odd man out.
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  7. captfluoro added a post in a topic Fantasy team name   

    Thanks for all the suggestions, there are several that are in contention.
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  8. captfluoro added a post in a topic better than hard knocks   

    That. Was. Awesome.
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  9. captfluoro added a post in a topic Oher Struggling Early in Camp   

    So when are the first cuts made?  Hopefully some team that is flush with OL talent will get rid of an LT.
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  10. captfluoro added a post in a topic Panthers Rookie Report - Day 1   

    Williams may have improved his first step but in the picture he's moving before the ball has been snapped which equals a flag.  But the DE is also moving so he could have drawn into movement and if that is the case, good reflexes on his part.
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  11. captfluoro added a topic in The Lounge   

    Fantasy team name
    So football season has finally arrived and that means the Fantasy season is about to begin.  I usually change my team name every year but am kind of stuck this year.  Previous names have been the Swamp Donkeys, Hairless White Tarantula (a phrase my brother used when describing a video of Paul Gilbert playing guitar.  He has really long thin fingers and he said his hand on the neck of the guitar looked like a hairless white tarantula),  Mongolian Death Worm, Rage Against the Wombat and last year I was the Googly Eyed Bastards (I'd been binge watching Trailer Park Boys on Netflix and that is how Bubbles described himself).  So, any suggestions?
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  12. captfluoro added a post in a topic Rocket League PS4/PC (free for ps +)   

    My son likes playing it and it is a fun game.  A lot harder than it looks.  The goals in those videos are insane.
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  13. captfluoro added a post in a topic YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!   

    Great team this year. I hope Tyus Jones stays, but I have a feeling he, Winslow and Okafor are gone next year. Time for Allen to take over.
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