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  1. Have you lost focus at work?

    Only when I take a deep hit 
  2. You can make up your own one liner here

    That's some good vaja man. Yeah, it has a nice stank to it.
  3. Bay Area Guide To SB50 Fun!

    Where the hippies at?
  4. The 12th Man Towel....

    Get it high.
  5. Dale Earnhardt Jr is Benedict Arnold!!!

    I like the left turn this thread has taken.   Get it? left turn
  6. SCOOPED! the definitive last word on babygate

    I need to get higher to understand what's goin'on.  
  7. Spreading Panthers love, one rental car at a time

      You couldn't wait 19 minutes to take the picture?
  8. Which Panther Player's House would YOU want to hang out at?

    Frank Alexander
  9. Is it still unbelievable to anyone else?

    Yes I do, but it might have something to do with these purple berries I've been eating for six or seven weeks. Want some? Probably keep us both alive.   Let's see who gets that!
  10. Brenton Bersin needs a TD

    I need some screens.
  11. I see all the RealTalk threads have disappeared.

    Banned egos more than alts. Alts are supposed to be fun.
  12. Praise Jesus... Dear Father Lord... Thank you

    pie, glorious pie. 
  13. Post a pic, any pic.