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  1. and so it begins

    i saw an article where they dogged the poo out of writing rosemary
  2. The greg hardy vs michael oher matchup

    we hope Norwell is back up to par, they will have to work together. hardy works inside too
  3. Rank our remaining games from toughest to softest

    Tampa Bay wants to make the playoffs
  4. How is this guy still employed?

    maybe he can write a redaction? 
  5. What Cowboys Fans Are Saying

    man, a couple of guys love throwing the word "overrated" around. well, they ARE the cowboys, so I should assume no one knows that word better than they do
  6. Panthers Get SI Cover

    Look at him handling one guy and looking for more
  7. What Cowboys Fans Are Saying

    How bout the guys who suggest we wouldnt win without our defense? We could certainly make that same statement about the Pats, Broncos, Hawks, Packers, Bengals, Cardinals or any other good team with an overrated QB
  8. What Cowboys Fans Are Saying

    how are NFL teams overrated? this isn't college. your record is what your record is.
  9. Week 12 Power Rankings

    i think it just addresses everyones short memory. i have no problem with that, and at the end of the day, these power rankings have no relevance about what our team can do when the playoffs get here. nobody has to respect the Panthers, they just have to go out there and do there thing.
  10. Cam Newton compared to Pablo Escobar

    well, if you tell your 9 year old that he stole the meals from cowboys fans and Robin Hood is no saint it could make sense since people cant help themselves from stretching the truth
  11. un-Official What are Cowgirls fans saying

    i mean if i had to rate the panthers, then they probably would not be in the discussion for the BCS. maybe i would rank them #5 in the nation, the NFL works the same way right? opinions based on facts?
  12. un-Official What are Cowgirls fans saying

    the schedule just got easier, playing a 3-7 team
  13. Give Cam the MVP

    why? if they are the most valuable you suggest just give it to someone else even though they might deserve it less? Cam is right there with Brady and Palmer, but we know people are looking for reasons not to give it to our boy. Just dont be disappointed if he doesn't get the award. Besides, he wants the Super Bowl more and we should all be thankful about that.
  14. Panthers sign Ras-I Dowling

    not even in their minds right now, and if so, this would be a huge dropoff. 
  15. Jets waive Quentin Coples

    he didnt do much up here in NY, not an OLB and would be like the 6th or 7th best dlineman on the Jets. Not sure what he brings to the table anymore, if even worth talking about.