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  1. Pair of Superbowl Tickets for $3,000

    You and me both. I was at kaiser during the wife's apptusing their wifi when this was posted. I watched all the panthers media day vids on youtube but forsome dumb reason they block the huddle. Maybe it's because someone in IT came across a PU united thread.
  2. Eisen: Cam truly is incomparable

    Alleluia LAWD I've seen the light! Exorcise me of those media demons that try to steer me from the path of Cam newtonness! Preach on father Eisen!
  3. That makes the 3 of us! We're driving up on Friday morning and returning Monday. If wedon't win, I'm hoping prices continue to drop ($2800 now, down from $4k previously). If they don't touch what the wifes price point is, I'll party with the riot in the city.
  4. Cam, Seriously Bro?

  5. Roaring Riot Events in San Fran

    Count usin! We're driving up from Anaheim on Friday and crashing at the in-laws in Vallejo. Possibly catching the younger release at russian river on Saturday so we're not sure what time we'll make it to that days' festivities but we'll be there all day Sunday unless we win peanut's raffle! Haha
  6. Panthers / cam on cover of new sports illustrated

    Now I can see why Weatherspoon celebrated after the play, he realized he had been posterized and would finally make the cover of SI

    It's because I'm following you hoping to get your tix! Haha

    What gets me is they're trying to justify charging you extra for the 3 hour "pre-party" instead of just $2-3k for just a game ticket. With that extra $1-1200 extra per ticket I could have one hell of a preparty on our own and that's with quality craft beer from one of the many great bay area breweries. I'm not sure what ticket or package you're getting with the lottery.I guess it's just me trying to take a shot in the dark to get entrance to the dance without the extra over priced fluff if you get what I'm saying

    For any lottery winners that can't make the trek for any reason, will you be selling? Very interested if anyone is interested in flipping them. Tix for nosebleeds are currently $3800+ including a 3 hour pre-party. A little too steep for my blood. I've got everything lined up for the trip (including a buddy who offered up his place 10 mins from the stadium) except game tix. I'd be making the drive up from Anaheim. Feel free to hit me up so we can negotiate...