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  1. Probably trading Matt Ryan’s white privilege or a police body cam.... sorry too soon?
  2. I was expecting Mike Mitchell or someone like Lafell/Ginn and then I LOL'd at DWill
  3. Benjamin

    i wouldnt be opposed to it. he didnt fit in shula's offense but obviously i have way more faith in turner to feature him
  4. Where exactly would they go? St Louis, Oakland, and San Diego have already proven they won’t support a team financially. No way in hell Jerry Jones and Bob McNair let another team into Texas so Austin or San Antonio is a no-go. Can’t imagine a team in OKC doing well with the Cowboys being so close and it being a college football town. So until a better option than the Carolinas comes along (which is never gonna happen) this speculation is pointless
  5. Watching Grayson Allen go from lottery pick to Greg Paulus 2.0 over these last four years has been so entertaining
  6. THIS. people act like the great Pederson didnt have a losing record last year before his front office went out and got Blount, Jeffrey, and Torry Smith. The trade for Ajayi midseason was highway robbery as well. I love Pedersons aggression and creativity, but its alot easier to cook a quality meal when youre given quality groceries
  7. olsen 17 lmaoooooo
  8. Quarterbacks active in 2017 with an MVP and Super Bowl appearance -Tom Brady -Aaron Rodgers -Cam Newton
  9. Kevin Dodd

    no one knows if Dodd is bad or good though. He has no position on that team
  10. You mean like what Marcus Williams did?
  11. I'm sure he's a good guy at home, he better be with the way he plays the Christ card as much as he does. I've just always been told he acts super stuck up and not very gracious around the other parents. My favorite NFL player that lives out here is Mike Vanderjagt. His son is a pretty good QB and also played hoops for my old coach. Vanderjagt is dope, went to one of their games and he got kicked out for talking poo to the refs then went out to the bars with us after the game. His wife is also smoking too, former Colts cheerleader
  12. REPORT: Panthers will hire Norv Turner as OC

    Obviously we don't have LT but we still have some weapons to be worked with and Turner has proven he can put up crazy offensive numbers when he has talent. Cam is not the passer Rivers is but I think he is a much more dangerous QB with his runnng CMC i think can be better than Sproles Olsen is very similar to Gates Funchess has the tools to someday be as good as VJax was. Plus Byrd and Samuel look promising
  13. pretty sure it was the Saints during the bounty season playoffs. took a gnarly hit on an interception return
  14. a douche who's still butthurt that Peppers broke his arm back in 07 when he tried to dive on a fumble. i was at the game in AZ when it happened and he acted like a little bitch when it happened