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  1. Ron Is Happy With What The Offense Is Doing

    Ran into this gem today too. Ron thinks asking a 2nd round pick that played on a National Championship team in college to catch a pitch is asking for too much. Lol loser
  2. Are the Panthers the next Chargers?

    i was actually thinking the same thing yesterday
  3. Sad thing is if the Browns drafted Cam and Luke back to back they would probably have actually had back to back winning seasons
  4. You know what I agree. Not gonna waste 4 hours of my day every weekend watching a team that doesnt wanna be there and never being held accountable for it
  5. Luke Kuechly LOVE and APPRECIATION Thread

    Was published right after the game ended. Again, jumping to conclusions
  6. Luke Kuechly LOVE and APPRECIATION Thread

    It doesnt say anything other than him being in the protocol and Rivera having no update whether or not it's a concussion. Take your BS somewhere else
  7. We were robbed of a TD

    We scored the next play what fuggin difference does it make?
  8. 4-2

    That's exactly what Im saying. Maybe we beat MN and split with the Bucs but I'll be shocked if we dont implode. Our defense is terrible, and our QB has to play like a created player in Madden every week for us to have a shot
  9. 4-2

    Lol we blew a golden opportunity tonight. Should be 5-1 with games against the Bears, Dolphins, and Jets still left. 8-8 incoming
  10. Cameron Artis Payne

    Shula calls a run up the middle every first down. When teams know its coming it doesnt matter who is back there
  11. I live in AZ but do my wholesale lending business in NC and SC. Was talking to a client today and asked if he was excited for the game. He said he's not a fan anymore ever since "Mr. Black Power" became our QB. Suit yourself bro
  12. Record in Primetime with RR and Cam

    correct. pretty sure we sent Greg Schiano home after our game in 2013
  13. Perfection Defined

    we had 28 rushing yards. we still havent played a total great game yet and Olsen and Kalil are two of our best players and we've gone 3-1 without them. If Cam plays like this the rest of the way I'll take us against anyone