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  1. At least they are actual safeties. Jones is a punt gunner
  2. Eric Reid Tyvon Branch Mike Mitchell Ron Parker Steven Terrell are we really gonna pretend strutting out Colin Jones is a better option than any of those 3?
  3. Luke is a better player than Mack. That doesnt mean Mack isnt more valuable or doesnt have a bigger impact on the game than Kuechly. In today’s NFL you can scheme a linebacker out of the game. Yes Luke still can diagnose plays and can cover like a safety and is the best in the league against the run, but teams can simply exploit other weaknesses in your defense. A dominant edge rusher can single handedly ruin an entire offense, watch Super Bowl 50 if you need a reminder.
  4. KillaCamNewton

    Josh Gordon!

    getting an all pro caliber receiver at the cost of a player who doesnt even always make the team..why they consistently win titles
  5. i appreciate your optimism---no matter how you spin it, we struggled mightily for 3 quarters against a defense missing its two best players
  6. Ive been following scores and everything but not really watching them, what has TB been doing? Is Fitz just throwing passes up for grabs and letting Jax and Evans make plays? Can they run the ball? Is their OLine good? Their defense doesnt look like anything special
  7. Looking over our schedule though I’m at least optimistic we can get to 10 wins -Bengals -Browns -Ravens -Lions -Giants -Skins -Split with the division and go 3-3 for 10-6. I dont see any reason we should lose to the Seahawks either, but Im being conservative
  8. Dude we match up horribly with every team in our division and we also have Philly and at Pittsburgh on the schedule among others. If we beat the teams were supposed to beat we can hope for maybe 10-6.
  9. KillaCamNewton

    Sean McDermott might be available

    And there is nothing necessarily wrong with that—-assuming you are not holding them back..I’m a UNC bball fan, I don’t feel like Roy is ever really outcoaching alot of people, but you cant deny when he has talent he hardly ever underacheives and his teams will play for championships because he knows how to use his talent. Compared to someone like Sean Miller who always has lottery picks and cant make the Final Four. I feel the opposite about Rivera, I feel like despite our obvious holes in the secondaryand OLine there is still a ton of talent on the field that is not utilized correctly. I would kill to have an offensive minded coach like Kyle Shanahan or Sean McVay to pair with Cam
  10. KillaCamNewton

    Sean McDermott might be available

    I watch a lot of football, but I honestly need help figuring out why this team is so bad. They are worse than last year’s Browns. They made the playoffs last year for the first time in like 20 years, and I know their QBs are ass but how does going from Tyrod Taylor who is a decent not great QB to Peterman/Allen make you go from playoff team to all time terrible team? What else am I missing? Did they have a lot of turnover on defense? From what I remember their defense was great last year
  11. KillaCamNewton

    Josh Gordon!

    If Samuel and Byrd could actually get on the field I would love trotting out Moore, Samuel, Byrd and then Wright who is very reliable on 3rd downs. Let garbage Funchess and Smith walk after this year. Gettleman’s whole draft receivers with size because Cam throws high was the dumbest move he ever made. Imagine if we took a safety and LT with the KB and Funchess picks
  12. KillaCamNewton

    The flag at the end

    At least the rookie would fight for the ball. Better than watching Torrey or Funchess short arm another catch
  13. KillaCamNewton

    Worst Possible Outcome

    Lol like clockwork
  14. KillaCamNewton

    Worst Possible Outcome

    If you dont realize Ron’s two COY trophies are a direct result of our superhuman QB carrying the offense that the front office has failed for 8 years to put together a decent receiving corps and OLine with then you dont follow sports
  15. Ron goes to podium. Praises our effort and determination to make a comeback. Says we just need to iron some kinks. Nothing changes been watching this sad tv show way too long