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  1. In 2010 who was in the Top 3 if it wasn’t Kobe, Lebron and Wade? KD and Westbrook werent quite there yet, Steph wasnt Steph, Harden was a bench player, Anthony Davis was in high school and Kawhi Leonard was in college
  2. Lol not even comparable dude. Malone was 40 and Payton was 35 when they went to the Lakers. That was a last ride in attempt to win a ring. Compare that to Lebron and Wade who were at the time the 2nd and 3rd best players in the league in their primes teaming up with another top 10 player in his prime in Bosh
  3. Stop. He played 7 of the last 8 years on a super team. What he did with the Heat would be like Cam and Todd Gurley joining the Falcons to play with Julio
  4. When I was a kid my mom told me I should start playing lacrosse because it was the “next big sport” 15 years later and still no one gives a fug about lacrosse
  5. Im talking about people acting like these demands are comparable to a slave owner’s mentality or violating constitutional rights. Your employer cant force you to do anything, but they have every right to punish you or fire you if you are going to continue working for them and not follow their set of rules. I dont know why so many people have trouble grasping that concept. I used to be a loan officer taking inbound applications. If i answered every call with “Donald Trump is a White Supremecist” or “Black Lives Matter is a terrorist organization” I would be fired on the spot. Are they violating my 1st Amendment right by doing that?
  6. You can always tell who has never worked for a big company or in a corporate setting based on how they react to this stuff. Being forced to follow your employer’s rules is not a violation of your freedom, it’s called being an employee
  7. Whats up guys, i am headed to Charlotte tomorrow night and have a business lunch on Friday before heading back Friday night. I'm never in the city other than when I fly in for a game and I can't remember the last time i've been during the offseason. Last time I was there was the Seattle playoff game. Any fun Panthers-related stuff to do this time of the year? practices, stadium tours, etc? I have pretty much an entire day to kill on Friday and I'm staying at the hilton garden in uptown so I appreciate any suggestions. Thanks!
  8. You’ve clearly never been to the Phoenix Open before. There is WAY worse going on there than throwing rocks
  9. His cameo in the Benchwarmers is still the most random thing to me
  10. QB - Clausen RB - Lamar Smith FB - William Floyd WR - Nanee WR - Colbert WR - Jarrett TE - Jeff King OL - Bell OL - Amini OL - Willig OL - Norberto Garrido OL - Nate Chandler DE - Jason Peter DT - Fua DT - Nick Hayden DE - Jay Williams LB - Dean Wells LB - Luke Kuechly (lol just seeing who was paying attention, Hannibal Navies) LB - Lester Towns CB - Antoine Cason (that 2014 year was brutal) CB - Josh Thomas S - Nakamura S - Rashard Anderson P - Ken Walter K - Olindo Mare LB is the hardest position just because we’ve always been lucky with great linebacker play. Same with FB for the most part considering Hoover was great for a decade
  11. Dude move on. There’s no way if Cam banged my wife like he did yours I would still be holding a grudge as long as you’ve been
  12. damn i was saying 4 years ago that Flowers would be a player. Hire me Hurney! Bear Down Marquis! glad to see he's found a place in New England
  13. KillaCamNewton

    Dez Bryant

    Dez is that guy that yells at the coach on the sideline to throw him the ball and then when he finally gets it he fumbles
  14. Feel bad for him honestly. Cool dude. Partied with him a couple times at U of A when we were in school. Dude always got mad heauxs