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  1. Ownership options so far

    I actually feel bad for Bon Jovi. He was never going to move the team to Toronto. It has come out that rumor was all a smear campaign by Trump. It got so bad up here they stopped playing Bon Jovi on the radio.
  2. Josh Norris Mock Draft

    Would take him in the 2nd or 3rd. He is compared to a Gronk/Kelce type.
  3. Jason La Canfora reporting new GM hire

    I hope it's not Martin Mayhew
  4. Maybe it will be a behind the scenes deal with Rivera and Wilks.. Rivera let's him take Holcomb and Brown in exchange for Wilks cutting Buckner loose and and a chance to hire him here..
  5. There are too many holes to fill with everyone who is a free agent and positions that have not been addressed. Unfortunately, to fill those holes Hurney will have to cut some guys which will only create more holes for the team to fill. Biggest priority should be re-signing Norwell. Follow that up by addressing the WR position in free agency. Depending on how crazy Hurney gets with creating cap space (he could get up to 40-50M if he cuts certain guys), I wouldn't mind seeing him go after a DE or CB in FA either. From a draft standpoint, I think we need to hit on the following: SS/FS, WR, OT, DE/DT, RB, TE, QB. At this point, I say rounds 1-3 shouk d be focused on the first 4 positions I listed.
  6. Had a dream last night the final was 24-17 Saints. Rivera opted to punt from the Saints 48 with 4 minutes left. Saints got the ball at their own 17 and ran out the clock. Panthers couldn't get key stops twice on 3rd down to get the ball back. Last time I had such a vivid sports dream was when South Carolina beat Duke in the NCAA tournament. The final score in my dream was only 1 point off from the real score...
  7. Draftwire 4 Round Mock

    The comp I heard for Sutton is Mike Evans.. I'll take it
  8. Wouldn't mind him.. there are a handful of top WRs I like in this draft. I wouldn't mind Courtland Sutton either..
  9. Way too early 2018 thread (Opponents)

    Pumped for the Steelers and Browns games. Both are within driving distance for me.
  10. TV coverage map

    That's weird. Before I fell asleep last night I was thinking about the outcome of today's game. I heard Joe Bucks voice say "and Kurt Coleman comes up with the interception." I didn't even know he was doing the game until I opened this thread. Maybe I'm on to something...
  11. Predict Byrd's stats today....

    I predict Jairus Byrd will have a bigger impact vs. his old team than Damiere Byrd
  12. Olsen is out @ NO

    The people who owned our house before us had that stuff in the kitchen! We ripped it out the first day we moved in
  13. DG in retrospect

    Your not going to hit on every draft pick. Some will be starters and some will be quality depth guys. If you can grab 3-4 guys who contribute each draft I consider it a success. With the exception of his 2016 draft class and probably trading up in 2015 for Funchess, I have no issues with how he drafted.
  14. TY Hilton available..

    Would love him, but his contract doesn't work for us. Looking at potential FA guys who are deep threats that we could take on.. Cardinals have Jaron Brown and John Brown.
  15. If you take one, it shouldn't be in the first 3 rounds. We will have to many draft needs that are more pressing than RB. You figure we will need a S, OL, DE, TE, DT. We have limited cap space next year so this upcoming draft we will need to find 2-3 starters.