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  1. Does anyone know what his mysterious injury Was?
  2. NYPantherFan

    Day 3 Draft Needs and Likes

    KeKe Coutee - WR Texas Tech - Odds are he is not on our radar given he is similar to the personnel (Samuel/Byrd) already on the roster.
  3. NYPantherFan

    Just for fun: Which of these players would you draft?

    I like Wynn a lot and would not be upset with him at 24 to be honest. I'm still not convinced Moton is the answer at LG in the coaches eyes.
  4. NYPantherFan

    Norv Turner checking out TE Hayden Hurst

    Norv is a magician! I just saw a video of him greeting Jarius Wright! The man is in 2 places at once!
  5. Wilson. A much better blocker and more reliable hands.
  6. NYPantherFan

    Breeland a Panther

    Or we can open an amusement park called Bradland
  7. Allen Robinson is from Detroit. Funchess grew up 30 minutes away...
  8. I thought I read they were going to move him to safety?
  9. My issue with this trade is we are getting an aging WR who has been in a decline over the last few seasons at $5M, when a young guy like Paul Richardson, who is on the come up, is likely to get $6-7M on average.
  10. NYPantherFan

    It isn't over at wide receiver....

    I hate to say it, but I don't think Shepard is going anywhere.
  11. NYPantherFan

    Would you draft Shaquem Griffin?

    Yes. At worst, he is a solid contributor on ST. I agree with what @Lemory said. That's how I see his role in the NFL. After today, I think he goes day 2 of the draft.
  12. NYPantherFan

    Combine Thread

    His measurements are pretty close to Shaq Thompson. I want to see how he does in the DB drills. He might be a decent pick to fill the role that Shaq plays now, with Shaw taking more snaps from TD.
  13. What if, we can somehow get the Dolphins to take Kalil in a deal for Landry? Then I'm all for it.
  14. Honestly thought #3 was going to be Byron Bell
  15. NYPantherFan

    Cap at 178 Plus

    I think your numbers are off a bit. Its more like 17-20M without cuts.