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  1. Predict Byrd's stats today....

    I predict Jairus Byrd will have a bigger impact vs. his old team than Damiere Byrd
  2. Olsen is out @ NO

    The people who owned our house before us had that stuff in the kitchen! We ripped it out the first day we moved in
  3. DG in retrospect

    Your not going to hit on every draft pick. Some will be starters and some will be quality depth guys. If you can grab 3-4 guys who contribute each draft I consider it a success. With the exception of his 2016 draft class and probably trading up in 2015 for Funchess, I have no issues with how he drafted.
  4. TY Hilton available..

    Would love him, but his contract doesn't work for us. Looking at potential FA guys who are deep threats that we could take on.. Cardinals have Jaron Brown and John Brown.
  5. If you take one, it shouldn't be in the first 3 rounds. We will have to many draft needs that are more pressing than RB. You figure we will need a S, OL, DE, TE, DT. We have limited cap space next year so this upcoming draft we will need to find 2-3 starters.
  6. What happens if Shula gets fired next week after a poor performance before the banner even gets flown?
  7. Depends on who is evaluating the player I guess. I think most of us saw both kickers as even in terms of talent. Butker has performed just as well as Gano has this season. Hindsight is 20/20, but knowing Butker can get the job done, I would have saved the money.
  8. Nothing in terms of current personnel, but I'm curious to know if the money we could have saved would have helped us sign Star or Norwell long-term. That's my only beef with the kicker situation.
  9. Good call on NFL Radio just now...
  10. Rivera's contract is through 2018. However, if we have a losing season, it makes sense to part ways with the staff now. New GM, assuming his name is not Marty Hurney, will want to bring in his own guys. I still have to think that is we lose the next 3 weeks, someone is getting canned.
  11. Play Discussion: 3rd and 6 ...

    3rd and 6 and Shula calls a bubble screen? We have big bodied receivers, use them. What happened to that out route Cam loves to throw to? Id like to see some play calls where we move Cam around a bit.
  12. How do we bounce back!?

    Nothing is more frustrating than that Heavy Offense formation with Funchess as the lone WR. Run play every single time...
  13. Looking at our upcoming schedule

    We realistically could be 2-4 heading into the Bears game. My question is, does Rivera survive that stretch?
  14. Strahan comment

    Well no one can create separation down field, what do you expect? Speaking of, Samuel was clocked as the 3rd fastest ball carrier today in the NFL. Why can't we use him correctly?