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  1. NYPantherFan added a post in a topic Did I make a good bet in Vegas?   

    I've learned to never bet on my teams, only against them... Nothing worse than losing money and having your team lose
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  2. NYPantherFan added a post in a topic Rapsheet - Torn ACL for Kelvin Benjamin   

    Welp the first tower is down...
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  3. NYPantherFan added a post in a topic What are your top 3 areas of improvement you want to see Saturday?   

    Things that stood out from the Bills game that haven't been mentioned:
    1) Run Defense - this combines with tackling I guess. Granted Luke and TD were out after a handful of plays, but it appeared out run defense got off to a slow start.
    2)  Philly Brown - he was quiet Friday night.. everything early in was to Benjamin, Funchess, and Ginn. We have to get him going and grow some confidence.
    3) Big plays on defense/special teams - we saw a handful of big plays from the offense last week, but defense and special teams were flat. Time to come out and make some noise and fly around the field.
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  4. NYPantherFan added a post in a topic Buffalo- The land the economy forgot (and where butter is a vegetable)   

    As a Panthers fan from Western NY, this thread is 100% accurate.
    You can't hate on beef on weck tho...
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  5. NYPantherFan added a post in a topic D. Newton thinks Byrd headed to PS, but I hope not...in a way.   

    If it came down to it, I would say Bersin would have a better chance clearing waivers and going to the PS than risk losing Byrd. 
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  6. NYPantherFan added a post in a topic Who will be the worst team in the NFL this year   

    Jags offense is going to surprise some people this year I think.. Raiders or 49ers are my pick
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  7. NYPantherFan added a post in a topic One Month From Today - Panthers @ Bills   

    I'm trying to convince my wife to delay our trip to the Adirondacks one day so I can go to the game in Buffalo.
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  8. NYPantherFan added a post in a topic Huddle Advice - What's the best way to ask your wife to get a boob job?   

    This reminds me of that Senfield episode where George's girlfriend gets the nose job and it turns out horribly..
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  9. NYPantherFan added a post in a topic Brandon Ingram   

    Starting 5 should look like this:
    G - Thornton (FR.)
    G - Allen (SO.)
    G/F - Kennard (FR.)
    F - Ingram (FR.)
    F - Jeter (FR.)
    Great depth on the bench in terms of big men with Jefferson, Obi, Plumlee returning and freshman Vrankovic down low as a true center. My only concern is that outside of Thornton, there isn't anyone to come off the bench to handle the PG position and the only offense off the bench will be Jones.
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