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  1. A guy that wants an NFL franchise because it would be "neat"? Halftime show better be taking the keep pounding hammer to repeatedly shove it up this douchehole's altar boy rectory
  2. The Punisher Netflix

    War Zone was the best rendition of Castle where the movies are concerned, but the villain was just cartoonish and out of place (would have been better in Kick-Ass)
  3. The Federal Reserve.

    And GLD will be here shortly thereafter to accuse you of beinga Bircher and/or Paulbot.
  4. Bruce Springsteen cancel Greensboro Show over HB2

    If these guys lose enough money with their boycotts, chances are likely their "morals" don't keep them from performing. Some that are true to their convictions will, but most will show their true convictions when the rubber meets the road. In a nutshell, it's economics. If someone produces a product that is wanted/needed, there will be a buyer base in the free market. People can espouse their "beliefs" all day, but their actions are the true indicator of who theyreallyare. The same logic applies to people refusing catering to homosexual weddings, Christian patronage to strip clubs,decisions to partake innon-kosher events, attendance or lack thereof forsatanic rituals, success of Jim Varney and Larry the Cable Guy careers, etc. The analogies are not veiled nor are they deflections. They hit at the heart of hypocrisy in the exact same way that you, Nanuq, CWG, and the rest of your troop are fond of employing all the time. Put your big boy pants on and take a chance on a conflicting world view for once.
  5. Harriet Tubman

    CWG can nitpick around the obvious and uncomfortable truth that the more widely circulated and accurate meme doesnt give him the wiggle room to deflect with snark. I'll see your snopes and raise you one wiki:I can see how it would be confusing with how the memes are similar.... but feel free to correct wiki's information:
  6. Gettlemens Negotiation with Norman

    Wouldnt be the first time. I expect it wont be the last. Ultimately, the agent works for Josh at his direction. If Josh wanted to put the brakes on hardball negotiations to instead push for a long term deal with less money, he could have done that. He didnt do that, so i will take what his behavior says about his motivation over his words all day
  7. Gettlemens Negotiation with Norman

    That depends on the driving motivation. If it is to be on a winning franchise, then yes, Josh will likely have a much harder time with that now. If it is to have a large contract long term, then he did exactly what needed to be done. Josh is going to get a premium pay to be an elite man-press corner from a team that is projecting him to be able to do that. Initial indications are that Joshdoeshave that ability, but it was not highlighted in our zone-based defense, so it is going to be a gamble for whomever pulls that trigger.
  8. Cap and Simplify Tax (CAST Plan)

    Just got done crunching my own figures, and I round out to ~$1K less in income taxes given this year's expenses. The cons as I see it are as follows: Loopholes to be exploited are classifications of various expenses (tuition, educational supplies, childcare, collegiate institutions, medical treatments, etc). To cover and classify would involve an enforcement mechanism(s) that is already suspect. Additionally it could possibly incurmore overhead for a good faith enforcement mechanism(s) to be effective. The push is that retirement still not protected against inflation. This is actually a hidden tax that most punitive against savings. There is some hedging against it with using the stock market to mitigate the losses, but it is still a gamble with it being a race against the devaluing of our currency. With the way that QE has been severely outpacing population growth, that margin grows slimmer every year. The pros as I see it are as follows: Market pressures would eventually force businesses to compete and eventually drive down costs for the consumer. All of the hidden taxes in the form of frivolous and ineffective regulation would make actual tax rates more transparent. Some would see this as a bad thing, but with any corporate subsidies going by the wayside, medical plan coverage would eventually be rolled to the employee. There would be some competition for higher skill talent that it may persist as a perk, but for most, the aforementioned market pressures would phase them out. The good part is that the average Joe/Jane would begin to see just how much of their livelihoods are subsidized. This entire veil of purported compensation vs actual compensation, purported value vs post-tax value, perceived governmental efficiency vs actual governmental efficiency, etc would be brought to light. If people see how much they areactuallypaying in taxes, the political pressure would shift as the prototypical politician lie of shifting fiscal responsibilities would be exposed for what it actually is. Thieves are trustworthy when we don't realize they're robbing us. The short of it is this... if this system were implemented and maintained in good faith, it would work very well. The problem still resides with the fidelity of the overseers.
  9. Cap and Simplify Tax (CAST Plan)

    When you go down on ad hominem, do you swallow?
  10. Cap and Simplify Tax (CAST Plan)

    @ecu88 I think if you were king of America, then this would work and in record time (to great dismay of several posters on this board). Benevolent rulers are not unprecedented and I think you'd fit the mold. However responsibly you'd wield the power to see this through, there still has to be a successor. That's where the track records always fail. The issue for me continues to be getting a singularly minded apparatus up and running with everyone buying in while effectively deterring/dealing with bad actors. It sounds supremely cynical to most on here, but I am actually an optimist when it comes to the intentions of most people when dealing with core values. It is why I would be much more comfortable with a maximally distributed base of power among all people. Mind you, this isn't a democratic model of thought. We'd still need a government with a primary focus on the protection of a legal citizens' rights to prevent majoritarian tyranny. Hence, the model of democratic republic would still be preferred while allowing an actual free market to exist. It wouldoperate with minimal governmental interference to prevent bureaucrats frompicking and choosingwinners and losers with confiscated funds in the form of taxes, regulatory penalties, fines, etc. Alas, that is a pipe dream. The inmates are firmly in control of the prison and actively seeking to seize greater controls at everyone else's expense. Ithink the solution now is to wreck the train and reboot while the US still has infrastructure. The simple math is that there is no amount of money on the planet to cover our unfunded liabilities. Hurry up and hit the cycle of hyperinflation to "make good on our promises" until it is obvious that any savings plans are rendered worthless to your average Joe. At that point, it is a matter of people collectively running the gamut of grieving stages until we can accept our conditions and begin to rebuild. Only at that point will the perpetual lie of political promises be rendered ineffective and allow the country to move forward by our own volition.But even that is contingent upon an American public that is willing and able to pull ourselves up by the bootstraps rather than hoping or expecting some other magical entity to do it for us. If we can't get past that notion, we'll go the way of Rome. At this stage, I expect the latter will be the case. The US was an interesting blip with respect to how citizens could choose their own destinies, but the human condition seems to have pulled us back to that inevitable spiral of opting for comfort over aspirations of exceptionalism. Economics is merely the mirror reflecting character or lack thereof.
  11. Bernie Sanders Daily News Interview

    So much so that we need more of it, apparently
  12. Does anyone want a vote where the pant suit is what tips the scales?
  13. Tax Plan, Budget, and Reform

    How much of this plan could be altered before it becomes counter-productive? Example: if I were a politician looking to benefit myself or friends, what would I look to alter/exploit in order to game this system?
  14. CWG:Pesky video logging years of clear contradictions... stupid facts. Away with you! Do you not know that it is the RNC that is the DEBIL?!?