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  1. Wonder if DH Griffin was the contractor???
  2. It did end the game. The redskins were in field goal range with the game tied. The worst part was the 10 second run off. Impossible to recover. They could have called a running play, spiked the ball, kicked the field goal and won the game.
  3. Do you know who our owner is? I think the press will have a lot to do with this, if it swept under the rug, no problem. If it is brought up in the limelight watch out.
  4. The question is how will the league see this? Could the team or the league suspend him? It's pretty dumb but in todays NFL anything is possible.
  5. After his best performance as a Panther and probably a Viking, Matt Kalil is being charged with serving someone underage alcohol. He is only charged because he is the owner of the business. Will this affect his playing time, could he be suspended? http://m.startribune.com/ex-viking-kalil-charged-after-his-twin-cities-pizza-place-allegedly-sells-beer-to-minor/457305883/
  6. It’s a Panthers Monday!

    Will Don Shula be at the game, if so would anyone care? I know Don lives in the mountains somewhere near Asheville.
  7. fffffffrrrrttttttt.....

    From the brown eye. Dookie Housier MD.
  8. Here is another shot of it.
  9. 0.058139534883721 yards per reception
  10. Check out this ESPN stat on Funchess
  11. The real problem here is that not only a defense-less man was assaulted but the entire section saw this and may never go to another game because of this. Would you want to carry your 5 year old to a game to witness this kind of behavior?
  12. I know, I’m just apathetic to those who can do for themselves. That dude needs a lesson and I would love to give him one. I wished I was there, the first punch would have missed because that dude would be four rows lower than he was before he knew what happened.
  13. This makes me sick. I wish someone knew him, if you do send me his info. That is sorry as hell, I would beat the wheels off that punk a$$ motherfuger. Pisses me off just thinking about that video. Hate punks a$$ b1tches like that, punching a defenseless fan.
  14. Hello from NBC Charlotte

    Indeed keep an eye on samual and Funchess.
  15. Hello - Eagles fan here

    Bwahahahahaha sir, bwahahahaha ohh man. Get this punk out of here.