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  1. Check out how pussified the Broncos board is!

    Yes I am.  Smartest thing you've said since you started your stupidity here.  Good boy.  Maybe you're learning.  
  2. Check out how pussified the Broncos board is!

    Fug you troll.  Your little act here isn't cute or cool.  I am glad you responded though.  It was boring in here.  Without waste like you this place gets too quiet. Little puppet.  
  3. Check out how pussified the Broncos board is!

    Fugging trolls are late!  
  4. Or is that a typical seahag fan??
  5. Cam Newton disappointed me

    Somebody lock this travesty.  
  6. Hahahahaha!!!!!!!  What a dumbass!!!!
  7. Stephen A. Smith

    Come on fellas!!  Who the fug cares!!!!  At least not on here on this board right now!!  We may never experience this opportunity again!!!  Enjoy it with other Panther fans.  Save the politics, race and social issues for another forum.  These issues have been and will be  debated, argued, fought over forever.  No matter how eloquent or ignorant the opinion or message is.  No matter whether it's statistically based or stupidity based no major social breakthroughs are gonna happen on the huddle this week.  But damn we do have one common thing that we can hopefully fugging agree on! It is our team is about to play in the fugging super bowl!!!!  Let's use this to agree with one another regardless of all the other issues we cant agree on!!  That's a good start!!  #KeepFuggingPounding
  8. Media Fatigue...

    The coverage I've seen is mostly Broncos.  They throw in some obligatory Panthers tidbits but that's mostly focused on Cam.  I did see boimer esiason explain why Thomas Davis will struggle.  Then it was all Cam again.  I'm ready for this game to happen!!  I want the Panthers to leave no damn doubt that they are the best in the league this year!!
  9. Villains

    Chip, ship, the game, super bowl, superb owl, the dance....    Whatever its called it damn sure feels good when your team is in it!!!!!  
  10. Peyton's College "Issue"

    Sounds like one hell of a teabag.  
  11. It's real now

    Well that's too bad for you.  #keeppounding
  12. What Broncos Fans Are Saying

    Actually our expectations are much more realistic then yours. 
  13. What Broncos Fans Are Saying

    That's what I keep saying!!!  
  14. media day GAMEDAY THREAD. get comfy

    His dumbass didn't know what to say.  Norman hurt his feelings.