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  1. Bulletin Board!!!

    Don't see how this is bulletin board material at all.  He was just trying to instill confidence in his team.   I hate the Cowboys by the way.
  2. Road to the #1 Seed in the NFC

    Alright, coach. Let's lock the thread and only focus on the Redskins. No looking ahead, team.
  3. Redskins Rally in Charlotte

    A Panther fan contingent should crash it. 
  4. Cardinals/Seahawks Game Thread

    The Cards scare many Panther fans because of the beat down they gave us in the playoffs is still somewhat fresh. I still remember it well myself. They do appear to be a complete team.
  5. Cardinals/Seahawks Game Thread

    Didn't see one so let's open it for discussion. For the purposes of home field advantage in the playoffs, let's go Seahawks.
  6. Patriots-Giants Thread

    Retarded clock management by the Giants at the end f the game.
  7. Patriots-Giants Thread

    Called it on page 5.
  8. Patriots-Giants Thread

    Giants lost.
  9. Need a gif of Cam's TD dance pronto

    Oh, sorry, we should all agree on everything about our players. Can't have conflicting opinions when it comes to Cam.
  10. Winning season pie!!!

    Let's get that home field advantage throughout playoffs
  11. Need a gif of Cam's TD dance pronto

    It's a fan forum, man.
  12. WE ARE 9-0!!!!! Come Get Your PIE!!!!

    Nice to win by three scores.
  13. 9-0 PIE!!!!

    Finally a non-stressful game.
  14. Keep it classy Titan's fans.

    To be honest the celebration was excessive. No need to wish injury on him though.   Our fans would be pissed if it was someone else doing it to our team
  15. Need a gif of Cam's TD dance pronto

    I thought it was funny but at the same time I'd wish he would scale it back. Cam is going to invite some late hits since he pisses so many players off. Don't want him to get hurt.