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  1. probably JR way of giving his staff some of the proceeds from the looming sale
  2. Next years 1st Rounder will be traded away to move up, take it to the bank.
  3. several of his 'weapons' on offense are lucky to not be on the practice squad, so its understandable
  4. I bet they had a bounty on Cam's head
  5. Shula, where has that been all year?
  6. NFL figured out Wilks and its Blitzing, he had no answer.
  7. the fact the new ownership wants a Dome and they point to loss revenue from Parking vs. other teams.....means any new stadium would not be Downtown as they need a lot of land to go with the Dome to charge for parking
  8. thats all folks, if Gettleman weren't an idiot we'd gone far this year.
  9. would take a total fluke to come back and win, lots of Turnovers by Saints and we actual get TD's instead of FG's
  10. This game is showing why Dave Gentleman deserved to be fired to anyone paying attention