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  1. rayzor added a post in a topic Corey Brown, I May Be on the Hype Train...   

    copy the ENTIRE youtube link and then paste it and hit enter. no tags needed.
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  2. rayzor added a post in a topic Def Leppard and Styx   

    i would have seen styx....years ago. not the same without dennis deyoung.
    i saw def leppard in '88 and as much as i hate to admit it, it was one of the most fun shows i have ever been to. i think seeing thousands of hot girls wearing spandex (including the couple that i was with) made it unbelievable.
    i saw tesla a couple times years ago as well. very underrated band, imo.
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  3. rayzor added a post in a topic Rival Review - Atlanta Falcons   

    i guess they improved a little, but i doubt it's enough to shift the balance in their favor against us. we improved quite a bit as well.
    we should still run the south.
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  4. rayzor added a post in a topic Choosing between two women   

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  5. rayzor added a review Who is Dat Alice?   

    you forgot about linking to a white supremacist site he frequented which got him in trouble and later racist comments that got him banned.
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  6. rayzor added a review What the fug?   

    The Golden Calf of Bristol
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