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  1. Good lord....

    lol at graham being the go to guy for wilson. they can't afford to lose him as a blocker, even if he sucks at that. their OL has turned to hot garbage and wilson is going to have to be quicker and luckier than ever before.
  2. yep. i gratefully obliged. but he was one of dozens i banned in the 24 hours after the superbowl. this place became a cesspool of racist trolls. it was really starting to piss me off more than i already was, but then i saw him make that comment (the second one to make it that i obliged...though i can't remember who that first one was) it was almost like a reward for having to clean up the poo i was.
  3. Apparently he wasn't a fan of being on a winning team and going to the superbowl, either.
  4. that's kind of what i was thinking. it's probably as close as you are going to get. that area probably has the climate most like what you would find of any place in the carolinas.
  5. What Are You Listening To Right Now....

    Been on a Glen hansard jag lately.
  6. Best Hair Band songs

    you may not think of ozzy as a hair band, but there's no denying the hair spray going on in the concert footage. i was a teenager during these years and as corny as they seem now, they were a lot of fun back then. like i said in another thread, i was big into iron maiden and judas priest, but there were so many bands that i liked to listen to during that time. Ratt, Twisted Sister, Quiet Riot, Cinderella, Def Leppard, Whitesnake, Tesla, Krokus....ahhh so many. there were a few bands that i really didn't like that much. i thought dokken tried hard and i had a cassette or two of theirs, but i always thought they were on the outside looking in, kind of like the neil diamond of metal. always having to fight for respect through interviews because they just weren't pulling it off in their music. george lynch wass a decent guitarist and don dokken wasn't a horrible singer, but meh... i never liked great white. i saw them twice with a two year span in between. the first was them opening up for whitesnake and the other was part of a 3 band bill with badlands (jake e lee's other band after ozzy) and tesla. they told the exact same joke in both shows about getting drunk and waking up with some woman that was so ugly he about had to chew his arm off. lame music. lame act. i really liked motley crue's first couple albums, too fast for love and shout at the devil, but after that they really started getting annoying and became posers. with every new album they had some new look and when asked about it they would say that's how they looked when they first got started and they were going back to the old days.
  7. What happened to Netflix?

    my 8 year old watches the kid shows all the time. it's cheap entertainment for her. well worth the little monthly payment. i tried looking for a movie on it a couple nights ago and was really disappointed. i'll stick with amazon prime for that. combined it's just not a bad option for me.
  8. I guess they figure that if their fans get drunk enough they will forget they are watching a weak team Iin the middle of a giant sphincter.
  9. Panthers Release Boykin

    Remember the team that he came from cut him when he was pretty much their only CB worth a poo. Maybe the steelers knew something we didn't about him until we had him on our team. Thats the most likely explanation. That and maybe we really liked the grasp Sanchez had on his role compared to Boykin. I'm not thrilled with the move but I'm waiting to see more before i pass judgment. I've seen enough from Gettleman to trust his judgment on questionable calls like this.
  10. Falcons training with Navy Seals

    i've heard this is what they are going to be running out on the field to. and i think matt ryan takes more than a few cues from these tough guys.
  11. Norman "Panthers aren't family enough"

    Why didn't anyone give you a heads up? Ask that joke of an agent/cousin you hired to represent you. it was his job, not Gettleman, to let you know how poorly it was going. .you wanted to be the highest paid corner in the league? Congrats. Now you're whining about how Gettleman made your dream come true by setting you free so you could be the highest paid corner? Piss off.
  12. Seriously this is news? Who cares?
  13. Panthers UDFA RB/FB Devon "Rockhead" Johnson

    I like him. incredible balance, impressive speed, lot of power, and apparently good hands. If he can block and play special teams, he's gold, Imo. size fits the mold Gettleman is looking for as well.
  14. PFT always has and always will stand for Pulled From Turd. but yeah....Gettleman knew what he was saying and it was his version of "bless their hearts." one of the reasons a snyder run redskins will always be mediocre at best is because he's never learned that throwing money/draft picks at the player with the most hype makes your team unbalanced. that's not to say you shouldn't spend big money from time to time, but you need to always keep the big picture in mind and the effects that decision will have on your ability to farm a good team. what i love about the decision to walk away from norman (well, his asshat agent) was gettleman needed to send a clear message to agents (and players) that he's not afraid to say no and move on and that he's not going to play games that agents are used to playing. agents (and players alike) are going to know that gettleman values team above players and while that may rub some fans and free agents the wrong way, for those on the team already that has to feel good.