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  1. Getting Benji Back

    I like the WRs next year...KB, Funch, Philly, and Ginn could be a helluva top 4 if the young guys keep progressing.  Cotch as a potential 5th is a wildcard...but we may also be in a position in the draft to take a home run shot on a guy like Braxton Miller and have a potentially young/crazy potential WR group. 
  2. What might a Charles Johnson extension look like?

    Unless his cap number goes down to 5-6 million or so for next year, I don't see a way to keep him. The savings are too great, and money for leadership can only be so expensive.    I'd rather have Olivier Vernon, Malik Jackson, or someone else on 1 decent sized contract...than pay the same amount for a pair of CJ and a third tier DE 
  3. I re-watched the game today (I hate myself), and yeah...a lotttt of bad calls and outright dirty poo from the Broncos...but we should've made plays. Anytime we'd get momentum, dropped pass, Tolbert fumble, Remmers screw up, Cam throws high, penalty, or the lovely ST punt coverage blunder that really did us in IMO. 
  4. 2016 Top NFL free agents - running backs

    Johnson is getting cut, or taking an outright paycut...we'll be clearing 11 million from a cut of CJ.  Stew is trickier. If he's played his way into staying, he makes his money.  Or, he's a June 1st cut, save around 4 million IIRC. Which could be enough to sign an Alfred Morris perhaps.    I ran some numbers on probable cut players a few weeks ago, and we can end up with around 35-40 million in space, while keeping Kalil (another big cap hit) and Stewart's numbers as they are I believe. 
  5. Didn't Cam always sit in Voth's media seat before pressers?    Well that could be awkward now. 
  6. 2016 Top NFL free agents - running backs

    FWIW, from what I remember fantasy gurus always saying, Alfred Morris was BY FAR at his best when RG3 was playing.  Aka, zone-read, QB threat to run, yada yada.  Cousins didn't allow him the same opportunities. Also is supposedly a high character/quality guy.  I think Morris could come in and at least be a dependable, move the chains guy.    May seem weird, but Morris could be a steal.
  7. We need a DE... so whom?

    Vernon would be the home run signing.  No doubt in my mind DG would pay his asking price money wise, I just don't know if he'd be willing to go the 5 years or so he probably wants. With so many of our own guys to pay in the next couple of years, the cap is still something we'll have to worry with, to the dismay of many. 
  8. Other teams early cuts

    Going to be really disappointed if we can't make a run at Weddle...though, who knows how he feels about coming to NC.    Mario Williams is a big name potentially, and one who probably could still be good here.  If the price is right, would love it. 
  9. Well, being that we're already hated .. Sign Hardy

    After the PR nightmare he was here in 2014, and then the PR nightmare he was for Dallas...why on Earth would Gettleman touch him? As a football player, sure.  In the locker room?  Maybe.  But as a franchise, with his history here, what on God's green earth would make anyone even think there was a chance the Panthers bring Hardy back and open themselves up to the negative criticism that comes along with it?  I loved Hardy the player...but holy poo, if you think the team even thinks about touching Greg Hardy again, don't procreate. 
  10. Well Isn't That Convenient...

        At least some media members are shedding light on the shitty calls
  11. What purpose is there having Teddy Williams on our team?

    After the botched "did he fair catch it?!?" punt in the SB...get rid of all the damn ST "aces" and find new ones. 
  12. Alfred Morris? If Stew is gone...

    The big gamble with Stew will always be his health.  I love the guy, and think he may have played himself into staying with the team...but I won't be shocked if he's a June 1st cut.    As for Morris, it could work. He's the new bruiser, CAP gets used as the shiftier option.  And since it does matter to the organization, Morris is supposedly a great guy. 
  13. WTF was that trick play yesterday?

    I may have drunkenly missed it, but I was pissed none of our jet sweep options were called.  Run Ginn or Philly across with Cam/Stew in the backfield, Tolbert too if you want, and keep them guessing.   But naaa, let's run it up the gut. 
  14. So where does Carolina finish next year?

    Before this season, I thought we were still a year away from a SB. We overachieved this year...but next year?  Yeah, we'll be winning the whole damn thing. 
  15. Olivier Vernon and Eric Weddle please and thank you.