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Got kicked out of fuggin Angry Ale's

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We call out bandwagon fans... whether they are Taints fans since 2009, or Panthers fans since 2013. Just like I call out Heat fans who were Lakers fans 5 years ago. What's your point? Bandwagoners are garbage, no matter which team they root for. If some stick around for the bad times, then I welcome them.


As far as Cam and "elite running back" lolololololololololololololololololololol, fat boy.

Let's compare his first three years versus Brees' first three years, shall we? Actually, I'll do Bree's first 4 years vs. Cam's first 3 since Brees only played one game his rookie year (you know... that stiff camp competition with Doug Flutie).

Both made the playoffs for the first time in their third year as starter, both had one and done post seasons. 


Brees: 8,772 Passing Yards; 56 Passing TDs; 38 Interceptions; 802/1309 passing (61.2% completion) 20-21 W/L record


Newton: 11,299 Passing Yards; 64 Passing TDs; 42 Interceptions. 882/1475 passing (59.8% completion) 25-23 W/L record


----keep in mind, I'm also including Brees' fourth year, where he really improved his game (ESPN speak for "Antonio Gates became dominant") otherwise Brees' completion percentage would be slightly lower than Cam's.


As far as being an "elite running back" well, I'll just leave it at this: Brees is still 2 career rushing TDs short of matching what Cam did his rookie year.


Now, imagine Cam if the offense weren't still designed for Fox ball....


this is a good post and these points need to be brought up more often to dumbshit bayou trash who still try to work the "lol scam is a bust" angle.  cam was a better passer than brees early on in their respective careers.  of course if you consider cam's overall offensive production he wins by a mile but rushing yards and touchdowns "don't count" when it's deemed convenient so we'll leave that alone.  i'm going against my better judgment here and assuming that pat isn't really that stupid and actually knows better but is just doing his usual trolling.


it's true that brees didn't look remotely like a good quarterback until his fourth season and, even then, was only on that top 10-ish bubble in 2004 and 2005 in san diego.  that's because an nfl quarterback's development is rarely linear and the first several years are usually a crapshoot with the real year-to-year improvement of his game not being something that really shows up readily on a stat sheet.  although it's worth noting that cam posted his best year as a passer as far as the important efficiency stats go (comp %, TD-INT ratio, QB rating if you care about that) in 2013 so there's that.

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Hey guys, do you remember all those people you used to see repping the Saints in the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, and early-mid 2000s?


Yeah, me neither.  Funny how Who Dat Nation is somehow a thing, and people act like it's been a thing this whole time.  A Saints fan should be the last person to talk about a bandwagon.











There's the illustrious Saints fan history.


Hey, at least your legacy has spread to other teams though...





Hope you got that bag ready for when Sean and Brees are gone, Alice.  That is... if you've even been a fan long enough to have one.


It's like saints* fans have forgotten that we were in their division and remember all of the times we played in the 75% empty super dome from '95-'04


oh wait, they didn't forget.


They were cowboys fans back then.


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This whole account was inmy opinion  totally overblown and one sided. It was reported by disgruntled Cowboy fan. If fans for other teams want to mouth off to Panther fans they had better be prepared to take the heat that is directed back toward them. I say the whole episode was  total BS.

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