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X factor: Zeller

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mj4life    29

I wouldn't consider Zeller the x factor but his improvement (along with MKG) could be the difference between having home court in any potential playoff series. All Cody needs to do is be a little more assertive on offense & avoid foul trouble to help this year. Ling term if he continues to develop his shooting range & add a go to post move,along with a couple of counters & he will be getting paid to play for another 10-15 years

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carolina-chuck    2,761

I don't really expect much more out of MKG personally. I'd be happy with a marginal improvement in his shooting ability. At this point, he's sort of a known commodity in reference to what he provides on the court. Which isn't a bad thing....it just is what it is.

I don't think we can judge Zeller on his two summer league games. He flew in late because of a wedding, and why risk getting injured especially since he's going to be on the active roster anyway.

I'm not saying that Marvin Williams isn't going to be the starter, but it won't be because of the politics of the paycheck. Tyrus Thomas sat on the bench with his big contract and so did Ben Gordon. Williams is getting paid 7 mil because he can play a 3 or a 4. He kills two birds with one stone. He wouldn't be getting paid that if he's was solely a 3, or solely a 4. Not to mention if and when Zeller hits the market he'll at least be offered what Williams makes.

Either way regardless of who's starting Zeller is a guy that could see 30+ minutes coming off the bench because he'd be the primary back up of the 4 and 5 spots and so much of Williams being a starter has to do with how we match up against an opponent on a given night. There are a lot of stretch 4's in the league.

I'm not betting my money on MKG's jump shot yet. I'm going to give him another year or two. And, that's really not what you want from a no2 pick, but you gotta live with it.

I'm hoping that he can put a consistent year close to what he did in the Game2 vs. Miami.

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Zaximus    4,433

As long as MKG's defense stays solid and he rebounds well, I'd be happy with 10ppg average or around there.  Jumper would help but I think the big thing is driving to the basket, he's fast and needs to use that to his advantage.

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TheMaulClaw    1,395


I personally forgot he did half of this stuff

This is what I was trying to say.  Zeller plays with a spark, and he made a lot of progress towards the end of last year.  He's very athletic and plays with a lot of bounce.  Can finish with the left or right.  Has a good feel of on court spacing, is a good rebounder, and doesn't have a bad mid range game.  I don't think he's been given enough credit this off season, and I expect him to really really help this team.

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