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Bwood's Third Annual Huddle Free league (NFL.com)

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Alright guys, it's that time once again to get our fantasy football league set up. This will be the third year in a row in which I will be running a free fantasy football league on NFL.com. So to all of the users that have participated over the last two years, your spot is reserved, but I am absolutely taking new teams.

You HAVE to be a committed fantasy footballer. No forgetting to set lineups, no leaving your team on auto draft. You know that poo is annoying, so if you're gonna be that guy this year please don't waste your time or ours.

My rules are all super basic. Snake draft, usually 12-16 teams, no independents, all basic scoring structure.

Please reserve a spot here or PM me. Once I have enough spots, I will grant you access to the league. The draft will be held a day or two after the last preseason game for obvious reasons.

I look forward to another awesome season of kicking ass and taking names. I may have had a shitty season last year, but I'm out for blood and I will not settle for anything but first. Good luck bitches.

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ladypanther    5,155

I am in...but need to know when the draft is to make sure I can participate.  I work late some nights.  Sun is always good.

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emhoward    611

If they're any spots still open I'm game. Wasn't in it last year or the year before so I'll be a newbie.


Let me know.

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