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why we will beat the giants.

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set aside the (temporary) loss of jacobs, the loss of burress, not to mention all the drama revolving around it, and i would say this would be a very good match-up, considering the panthers play as of late. however, unfortunately for the new york football giants, that is not the case. we are witnessing a team in the midst of a downward spiral.

even if jacobs starts sunday night, i am very skeptical on how much of the panthers crushing defense he will be able to withstand before he re-injures his knee. now that burress is out of the picture, the giants passing game is crippled, and they no longer have any real, deep threats. sure they have toomer and smith, but they're both just mediocre to me. most of toomer's success has been a result of defensive coverage focused on burress.

we all know how drama revolving around a particular player can poison a team's locker room. i think "T.O." and "Ocho-Cinco" are living examples of that. despite burress' absence, i still think it is something that has and will continue to effect this team, at least through the remainder of the season.

i do not see the cowboys' win this past sunday as any evidence that they are on some sort of major uprising. the fact is, both teams played some of the ugliest football i have ever seen, and were not impressive in the least. the cowboys defense happened to take advantage of a lowly giants offense, handing the cowboy's offense a short field on numerous occasions. romo and manning were both pathetic.

anyways, as we all know, the giants are in a funk, and they will get out of it, just not in time for sunday night's game. i see them straightening up their act just in time for the playoffs. a lot of it will depend on a healthly jacobs. the loss of burress has permanently wounded their offense, and that's something theyre going to have to learn to overcome.

we are going to go into new york and crush the giants. we are a team of momentum. it is always this time of the year that we get hot, even during non-playoffs seasons. right now we are running on all cylinders, and i almost think that it's unfair the giants will be performing short-handed.

we all know the strengths of this team, so i dont have to go into what we are going to do to them. but i will say that eli will be running for dear life all evening.

overall, their lack of weapons and continuous negative momentum is what is hurting them right now.

i'm going to go ahead and predict the score...

CAR - 30

NYG - 13

i hope i didnt come off as too much of a homer :biggrin5:

Haha, you better believe I'll be back here come Monday to see how your prediction stands up. You're all delirious, I hope you know just because the media claims you as the best team, you're not. You're not a bad team, you're a very good team, I just want you to know that the giants were playing in 2 much less meaningful games the past 2 weeks as opposed to the Eagles and Cowboys who were both fighting to keep their chances alive. This game, well, it goes unsaid, we want it. You better believe TC will have our boys rallied for this game, man, I'm going to love posting here on Monday morning, haha.

Oh, by the way; Smith will have a HUGE game; yeah, #12.

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I have heard the worse excuses on this post from Giants fans. This is really pathetic, I bet you were booted from the Giants forum for being so bad that you had to come on here and sound lame. Not one oz. of football knowledge has even accidentally come out of your mouths. Seriously, you guys belong in the Smack Forum, go have fun beating each other with plastic sticks over there. This is for more educated football discussion.

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The panthers will DESTROY the GIANT fine young maleS.

The giantfags are the team who made DEREK fuging ANDERSON LOOK LIKE TOM BRADY


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great footballl????????????????????? against who the BRONCOS? with a 9th string running back? COME ON .....that is not great football. you guys almost lost to the raiders

Well, ok. Did you happen to look at the pass game? Cutler is 3rd in the league with passing yards with 24 TD's and close to a 90 QB rating (tops is 101.4) you can't tell me Marshall and Royal are some 9th string receivers either.

We held them each to only 48 yards receiving and Cutler only threw for 179.

We have consecutively beat 2 number one teams in their respective divisions 68-33.

On the topic of RB's Carolina has only allowed 3 of them to go 100 yards or more.

whos the retard in your picture chewing on the stick? is that you or your retarded son?

Have respect. If you want to talk smack about the team... whatever. Personal blows just show your pathetic immaturity.

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God I miss the rep system. Slack-jawed fine young males locked in Smack in 10 minutes or your pizza is free.
It's all good. One more smack uttering from him outside of the right forum and I'm sending him packing. If he behaves he can stay.

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G-Man save smack for the smack forum...or Mod's will give ya da boot...

give the boot? read what ur own fans are writing.. mr moderator..

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Im not here to argue, but i had to register. you panthers fans are giving the giants 0 respect. why? give me a legit reason. the BROWNS LOSS????????? that was week 5. you want to count the loss to the eagles? who were fighting for their lives and the giants dropped 9 passes? or the cowboys loss? when their team was in turmoil giants had 6 players injured, and the cowboys were fighting for their lives in the last divisional game in their stadium ever. and the giants had the division locked up and were playing for nothing.. this is the game that counts

If the Browns, Cowboys, and Eagles beat yall, Carolina sure as hell can and I believe they will.

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