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Happy Panther

What world or national events do you recall vividly?

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Jordan's shot to beat Georgetown

Jackie Harris dropping a crucial td vs Pittsburgh

Gary Gilmore being executed

the Iranian hostage crisis

I'm with Scrum on Sid Bream


Cal/Stanford band game

Miami vs Maryland comeback(ironically, both these games were on USA Network)

Larry Bird stealing the inbounds play vs Pistons game 5

Larry Bird vs Nique another game 5 I think 1988 on a Sat(mom remarried and the reception for us groomsmen were many trips to the open bar and this game)

Stevie Ray Vaughn crash

John Lennon

Thurman Munson crash

Miracle on Ice..yes it was taped delay but unforgettable

last years opening ceremonies in China...are you kidding me?

Ted Bundy being caught as well as his execution(in Florida the day it happened)

Lockerbie bombing

Anwar Sadat being assasinated

yep...all very very vivid


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Darth Biscuit    12,580

OK City Bombing


OJ Verdict

Challenger Explosion

Columbia Crash

2003 War in Iraq Beginning

Desert Storm Beginning


Kasay kicks ball out of bounds and we lose super bowl... :(

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cookinwithgas    7,558

Armstrong on the moon

Watergate - although I had no idea what was going on, the adults were freaking

Fireworks at the Statue of Liberty in 1976

Actually seeing Star Wars

Iran Hostages freed

Lennon big time

Lebanon Barracks

Challenger - captain telling us the news while in the sub on patrol

The Berlin Wall coming down, never thought I would see it in my lifetime

Clintons Inauguration

9/11 of course

Invading Iraq, knowing it would not end and powerless to do anything about it

Obamas election night and the inauguration

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The VA Tech Shooter

Dow 10,000

New Years 2000 - no Y2K fallout

OJ acquittal

Bill Clinton impeached

Fist day of Gulf War

Gorbachev resigns

President Obama elected

President Obama innaugurated

Establishment of the EU

Columbia disaster (I was four when Challenger happened, and I remember thinking "This is what is must have felt like, except so much worse)

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