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Christian McCaffrey

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9 minutes ago, Shocker said:

What are your thoughts on him?  Great?  Too small?  Discuss please

Basically addresses muliple problems on the team.

- Immeaditey gives us a threat in the return game and sets the offense consistently with good field position.

-Provides  a slot reciver that can run the entire rout tree with ability to create sepearation against LBs, Safetys ,& CBs.

-Compliments J-Stew and brings the lightning in the running game. Outside runs , Inside & Outside Zone, stretch , toss, screens dump-offs. 

-Pair OJ Howard & McCaffrey in this offense and Panthers  would be able to control the game for 4 qtrs all season long. 

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12 hours ago, stirs said:

He is gonna be a Saint

Depends on how the picks fall but I would still double dip even if we get Fournette.

He basically becomes the #2 wide reciever behind KB.

Potent, very Potent.

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