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Teddy Williams back to Panthers on 1 year deal.

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5 hours ago, Darvinsun said:

I could not remember for sure of the points but it cost...and he is always costing something just like Remmers..i am just tired of looking at bottom dwellers who consistently mess up while others are not getting opportunities...there has to be someone better than teddy out there that can play special teams with less cost..

I'd be shocked if he makes the roster to be honest.

Offense - Cam, Olsen, TE2, Funchess, KB, Shepard, CJ2, Kalil, Kalil, Turner, Norwell, Williams, Stew/rookie, Fozzie, Young/FB, rookie/CAP, WR5/rookie, Larsen, Scott, Silatolu, Oher/rookie/other, Other T, DA, Webb (ST)

Defense - Short, Star, Love, Butler, Horton, Addison, Peppers, CJ, DE5/rookie, Shaq, TD, Luke, Mayo, LB4, Worley, Bradberry, Captain, rookie CB, Jones (ST), Boston, Adams, Coleman, rookie S

That's 47 out of 53, plus Gano, Lee and Jansen. So 50 and only 5ish rookies. We will be drafting 8, so is Teddy really going to make the 53? I think we'll see Byrd make the 53 before Teddy as a returner now that Shepard is on the team.

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Whew.  Who else averages nearly .5 penalty yards per play?

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