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Im Back,and more intoxicated than ever..

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Whats up fellow huddler's.. Im not a new member but I haven't posted since around may, I actually forgot my password and the email address that i registered with. But I have been a visitor here everyday to get my fix. I heard how the site got hacked and so i was able to get my old name back. Does anyone know how to get my rep back or do i need to get it the old fashioned way??....by talkin junk about ppl who have opposing view points as me, haha jk. well im just glad to be back with people who share the same intensity as me for the Panthers.....good day yall. And lets slay sum giants on sunday!!!

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Welcome back. You can join with me as the two remaining mourners for rep.

Hey, I liked rep too Dan... esp. since you gave me so much of it for my Lovely Ladies posts. :D

Welcome Back Sack.

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